Hulks abilities continue to climb in comics

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I don't follow comics as closely as I used to.

And I'll be painted as a hater(and I'm not) but let me identify why hulk will become less popular. His abilities keep changing from one comic to the next. Back in the day before all of this which oddly enough proves the documentary " bigger stronger faster",

it becomes apparent that being angry makes the the hulk stronger. But other sources of information say that hulk stays as hulk longer, he gets stronger. Be that as it may, the "no limit" aspect creates a paradox (even in the comic realm).

If Hulk could even get to a fraction of strength of punching a hole in a planet when punching Thor, the shock would kill anyone within a certain radius.

Rage to strength:

From being the hulk from the TV show, to the early comics to today, hulks abilities have increased exponentially. The mass of earth is something on the order of 5.97 x 10^ 24 and while hulk gets stronger the rage of hulk has a limit does it not? But in the comic the Hulk gives and takes with the thing who might be able to lift over 100 tons over this head. Thats a trillion trillon

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times less than Hulk being able to move a planet. Or in the other comic, Hulk holding 150 billion tons of rock.

which is 150,000,000 million times stronger than the Thing. Understand that strength would particalization of the Thing if Hulk punched him if we can be consistent with this. Heck, he would kill the Thing from a shockwave 1000 miles away punching something else.

I have watched over the last 3 decades where Hulk becomes stronger than opponents that can move objects similar to planet earth, yet hulk fights characters like the Thing (who I Mention as a point of reference.)

The radiation:

Where I can't ignore this. (Gamma Rays vs Cosmic Rays)

The Thing from fantastic 4 has been introduced to Cosmic Radiation, the Hulk Gamma, Cosmic is higher on the spectrum (more potent) and more energy. by 1000 to 1.

And since other characters are affected with Gamma, it doesn't compute why Hulk has unlimited strength rage or no rage. If anything, The Thing should be stronger, period. The fact that Hulk increases strength with no limit is not something I recall from the original comics. Does his abilities increase with Rage? Yes. Does it do so absolutely? Is that a question.


Hulk's abilities for speed are a question mark, but in an earlier battle between spiderman and hulk Spiderman who is a 6 out of 7 on the cards(back in the day) and hulk was a 4 if that in agility could not be caught up with by Hulk. Now I'm reading that Hulk can catch Spiderman as if this was so all along.

Whats more, the cards for Hulk clearly indicated a 6 out of 7 in durability and now on the internet its a 7 out of 7 (immeasurable). " Just was always that way. " I'm not so sure.

The fact is, if comics continue to appease the "masses" of making hulk indestructible and all the rest, then what is the point?

Part of the interest of comics to me was that with the exception of Celestials, One above All etc, characters had not been invulnerable. I know the Hulk fans will yell and scream Bruce Banner, but I'm talking about the Hulk (while being Hulk) as vulnerable.

I like the Hulk, and I believe in the long term this runaway train of Hulk abilities will hurt the character.

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@comic_fan11: hulk hasn't had trouble with the thing in years, the last 3 times they fought hulk totally embarrassed him along with wolverine, the time before that he oneshotted him, the time before that he broke all his ribs with one punch.

The original comics have literally always had the whole no limit thing, and even in the orignal secret wars the beyonder mentioned it. It's not something new and moreover that comparrison with thing is just stupid.

Using cards or whatever your getting this info from is a very unreliable way to go.

Hulk ISNT indestrutcible or anything like that, he's just on the same tier of beings as guys like thor and superman.

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cards reference


Galactus for point of reference. No they haven't indicated no limit in abilities. as is evidenced by the original marvel trading cards. The comparison to the thing being stupid comment I am not in a agreement with for what had been mentioned before about COSMIC VS GAMMA. Not to mention the fact that the comics puts them at odds by its very nature puts the Hulk at some limitation.

This counterargument proves my point about hulks abilities going from super to unlimited which is stupid. I've been following the comics for a long time as you are not familiar with the original trading cards. before the internet existed.

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You know comics aren't real right...

You don't really need maths or science to know that comics aren't realistic.

Anybody could write a long thesis on how things don't add up in most comic books characters. Could a man build an iron suit that could withstand missiles and bomb blasts without being damaged inside. Could someone actually shoot lightning from a hammer. Does Asgard really exist. Could a man transform into a human torch and turn back human without being burnt or be chared black.

Trying to apply maths or science to something that already doesn't make sense such as a guy who turns green, gets angry and destroys things because of gamma radiations does not make sense to start with. So go with it. They say his potential is unlimited then so it is.

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Basically...your problem is the inconsistency.

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