Hulk persona taxonomy

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Has one already been made with respect to his Green Scar and World Breaker forms?

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Maybe I should clarify: I generally believed that there was a linear connection between the three primary Banner personas; Bruce Banner, Grey Hulk (aka Joe Fixit), and the Savage Hulk. Then you have merged Hulk which combines the three entities along with the "ideal self" form called the Professor Hulk. Where does Green Scar and World Breaker fit into this chain?

What's the difference between Green Scar and "Gravage" Hulk? For example.

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Banner has hundreds of Hulk personalities. Savage, Fixit and Professor are just the more dominant ones.

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As a chain I would not consider.

Differences between the Green Scar and "Gravage" Hulk.

The first Gravage Hulk was invulnerable (with exceptions such as adamantium)

The first Gravage hulk was forgetful

Erse the Graven Hulk was very ista biel (many things were the transformation aulösen).

Green Scar retains all powers once achieved.

Green Scar can also act in the body of banners.

Green Scar loved another woman.

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oh boy,

Bruce Banner, Mindless Hulk, Savage Hulk, Gravage, Prof Hulk, Devil Hulk, Maestro, Joe Fixit, WW/WB Hulk on second though, fuck this go here

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It seems like there isn't much of a difference between gravage and green scar, the latter seems like a title he went by when he was gravage in space.

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@Biza: Let's tone down the language mate.

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