Hulk Live-Action TV Series Question?

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How would a Hulk Live-Action T.V series be like? CGI is expensive.Their budget would be like between 2 million or 3 million dollars per episode.Would they just hire a body-builder for the role instead so they can save money(lol)?I mean can Hulk fit in a live-action t.v series well?

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hulk tv series is one of those ill-fated things that i don't think will ever get off the ground

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I honestly have no idea how they would do it....

They could in the 70s and 80s, because having Lou pumped up, painted green being the Hulk was acceptable back then, but honestly it isnt today, i would proberly like it due to the homage of the 70s, but having a roided up bodybuilder painted green would make the show flop just as certainly as a frat house party with unlimited Jägermeister turns into one hella of a time...

I have a lot of visions of how they could make the show... but none of those make a fun series, a good Hulk series with acceptable good amount of Hulk action is years away.

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As much as I would love a live action Hulk TV series it would probably fail. Hulk needs a lot of action and that is something a TV series could not provide because of the low budget

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It's gonna be a character drive story with drama.It's much cheaper that way. CGI Hulk is gonna be used sparely.When Hulk does his big leaps, it's gonna be fast and blurry,it's much cheaper that way instead of having real-time.

I wonder if fight good scene can be doable on a T.V show budget?

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With our technology we can make him rebuild him just as big as he was in the 70's. Hahaha!!!

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@TheAcidSkull: I'd rather it:

1. Be a cinematic animation, like this:

Loading Video...

2. Be a mini series that leads into a revamped avengers series

3. Have the Hulk look likethisorthis.

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