How much does Hulk's strength increase per second? (calc)

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Hulk releases gamma rays from the entirety of his body.

The Body Surface Area formula is




= 5.9684672 meters squared (or round up to 6)

Now, a gamma ray has a frequency of 10^18, meaning 10^18 come out of a producer (such as the Hulk) each second. A gamma ray has an average surface area of 1e-12, so dividing 6 by that gives us 6e+12. Multiply this by 10^18 and we get 6e+30. A gamma ray typically has an energy level of around 256 of 10^-19 joules; multiply the number of gamma rays per second times the energy and you get...


5,659,492 watts per second.

It takes 1 watt to lift 100 grams 1 meter.

100 tons = 90718474 grams.

Divide this by 100 for 1 watt, then multiply by 3 meters for the amount Hulk lifts over his head.

You get 2,721,554.22 watts needed for the Hulk to lift 100 tons.

Divide 5,659,492 by 2,721,554, and you get roughly 2...that is to say:

Hulk increases his lifting capacity by 200 tons every second he is Hulking out.

I'll factor in WWH and WBH later.

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Hulk's strength increase has nothing to do with time. Its all about stress. It increases in prorportion to stress. Pushing Hulk towards his limits just makes him stronger.

If Hulk was dependant on time then anyone with enough power could kill him.

Too bad but that is not the case since his strength increase relies on stress. That's why nothing can stop the Hulk.

This why Hulk has the strongest body ever known. He's indestuctible and limtless in power.

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I get that.

This is supposed to show the proportion between Hulk's strength and how long he is getting angrier.

Sorry for the confusion.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: But that is implying he gets angier at a steady rate the second he transformes into the Hulk. Which isnt necessarily true.

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Yeah I just realized that.

Hmmm so I suppose this would be the minimum amount then?

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