How do feel about this.

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Because I not quite sure how I feel about this.

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I'm not sure how I feel about Marvel Now in general

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@samuel_larson_10 said:

I'm not sure how I feel about Marvel Now in general


I'll really have to wait and see what happens with my favourite characters before I get excited/Disappointed.

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First image must be fake.

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@gethere: At least BleedingCool got it half-right the first time.

If Irredeemable is a legit title and not a fake, I hope it has to do something with Rulk. If not, chances are it's Kid Loki, although he , IMO, has nearly fully redeemed himself via Journey into Mystery.

Maybe Genesis/Apocalypse then, since there's the possibility that Fantomex just enabled Apocalypse to return in a new body.

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Irredeemable was fake. Indestructible is the real promo.

I love Yu's work so i'm very happy about that.

I'm a little iffy about Waid. Haven't really loved most of what i've read from him but i'm very much willing to be surprised.

From Waid's twitter account:

Mark Waid ‏@MarkWaid

Thanks to all for the congrats on HULK, which Leinil Yu and I will take over in November! If you like DAREDEVIL, you'll like this! Promise!

Mark Waid

Re: HULK--yeah, there'll be a sense of humor to it here and there...mixed with some startling peril and danger. And Frost Giants.

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I for one couldn't be more excited, I feel Mark Waid can set a tone much like Greg Pak's run on the book towards the end, with some humor but also high stakes and larger than life stories; exactly what a character like the Hulk needs. I am a sad red Hulk will be getting turned into Red She-Hulk as it's been a consistently great book (at least since Jeff Parker took over) so hopefully this book can scratch my hulk itch. Though the new Armour we seen in the promo looked pretty awful.

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