Hey dear hulk fans can you tell me what is hulks biggest advantage in a fight his strength or healing factor ?

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Raw power

Or quick recovery

Which one ?

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I would say they are pretty equal with strength edging it out. However, i think his savageness in his fights is his biggest advantage.

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Strength. His HF helps but hes raw power negates 90% of damage that someone like Wolverine or Deadpool would need to Heal from

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Hulks damage soak is probably the most insane thing about him, the abiility to take on damage that would kill most other heroes like Thor or Superman. I mean getting his brain blown, decapitated, his chest exploded, his organs destroyed, bones broken, torn into dozens of pieces, etc... and still keep going.

It's extremely difficult to put him down.

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His strength. Even without the healing factor, he's extremely durable.

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Healing Factor, Hulk is World Shatter (Multi-Continent) at max in Striking Strength.

While Superman and Thor shatter Multiple Worlds.

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