GREEN HULK : New AVENGERS Film Promotional Poster

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This is great. A fan was able to take a picture of the first promotional poster for Marvel's upcoming Avengers film at the Licensing International Expo, featuring all the assembled heroes and their new look.   

AVENGERS Licensing International Expo Poster
AVENGERS Licensing International Expo Poster
Focusing on the new Hulk, while he does appear similar to the look used in The Incredible Hulk film starring Edward Norton, there are some noticeable changes.  The Avengers Hulk appears to have more bulk and muscles then previously visualized. His hair is a little bit shorter now and his facial features look a lot more like the new Bruce Banner actor Mark Ruffalo. Of course this is conceptual art of a cgi character, not a new costume already decided upon and being used in filming as we speak, so ultimately any or all of the Hulk's features can easily be changed in post-production... so we'll have to wait and see.

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Come on, man. Search function. This is a dupe of a thread that's on the front page.

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Yes I know, but I wanted to post it on my blog and comment specifically on the look of the Hulk. So relax and have a cool one bro... ;)

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