Greatest Hulk vs Ironman battles in comics

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- Inc Hulk # 131 (1970) Hulk battles Ironman with the help of the military. Ironman drops a whole building on Hulk, but is still on the attack. A general Ross soldier shoots a Gammatron canon that brings Hulk down. Outcome-draw

- Ironman # 131-133 (1979) After Hulk uses a plane as a bat when Ironman throws a cargo vehicle to Hulk, the resulting explosion leaves Hulk stunned. Ironman takes advantage of that moment and put all his power into one punch which KO's Hulk. As a result Stark is trapped in his own armor because of complete shut down. Outcome- Ironman wins

- Ironman # 305 (1994) Professor Hulk Takes on the 1st Hulkbuster armor mk1 that can press over 175 tons. Stark is unable to beat Hulk even when Hulk decides not to fight back. Outcome- draw

- Ironman # 12 vol 2 (1996) In the pocket universe prometheon armor Ironman near total system shut down shocks the Hulk with down power lines, causing a blackout. Hulk and Ironman fall down a water fall and is unclear if Hulk or Ironman are knocked out. Outcome- draw

- Inc Hulk # 74 vol 2 (2004) After a Gamma bomb is detonated Stark absorbed the Gamma rays in a Gamma enhanced armor. The rays cause stark to be mentally unstable and make his armor stronger. Hulk trying to stop Stark is KOed with one powerful blow. Hulk recovers and continues the attack until a second Gamma bomb stops the fight. Later it is revealed that Hulk was holding back long enough for the 2nd bomb to blow to change Stark state of mind. Outcome- Ironman wins

-Hulk Grey # 3,4 (2004) This battle takes place in the past before Hulk joined the Avengers. A gery Hulk badly beats golden armor Ironman and leaves him bleeding on a lake shore. Outcome- Hulk wins

- World War Hulk # 1 (2007) Hulkbuster mk2 battles Hulk and when a failed injection was sabotaged to stop the Hulk, the Hulk completely defeated Stark. Outcome- Hulk wins

- Ultimate Human # 2 (2008) Ultimate Ironman defeats Ultimate grey Hulk with a laser thru the eye into Hulk's brain causing neural shock. Ironman's suit is so badly damage from the fight that Stark escapes with his life before the suit explodes. Outcome- Ironman wins

- The mighty Avengers # 22 (2009) Hulk in battle with Ironman lifts a rocket booster that holds propellant that can go to Mars. Ironman shoots it and it explodes knocking Hulk out. Outcome- Ironman wins

- Hulk smash Avengers # 1 (2012) In the past the Avengers Battle Zemo, Executioner, Enchantress and a robot while Hulk and Ironman fight alone. Again Ironman's armor is badly damaged but Stark manages to shoot a repulsor blast to Hulk face to keep Hulk from finishing him off. Outcome- draw

-Indestructible Hulk # 2 (2013) Shield Hulk and Ironman battle on a snow cap mountain causing an avalanche and an exposion causes the battle to stop. Outcome- draw

- Original Sin Hulk vs. Ironman # 1-4 (2014) Hulkbuster mk3 battles an intelligent Hulk and unleashes everything Stark has to defeat Hulk. Unable to stop Hulk, Hulk knocks out stark and encases him in metal. outcome- Hulk wins.

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