Favorite Hulk villain(s)?

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The Hulk does have a weird but cool rogues gallery and I was wondering what are your favorite Hulk villains or just your favorite Hulk villain?

My favorite Hulk villains are: Devil Hulk (Not sure if he would count as an actual villain since the Devil Hulk is an evil and messed up personality of Bruce Banner/Hulk), Thunderbolt Ross/Red Hulk, The Leader, and Abomination.

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rulk, the leader, and abomination

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Actually i would honestly say one of the weakest points about Hulk is his rogue gallery... most of the characters are uninteresting and quite weak. With that said i do love the Leader, U-Foes and my personal favorite Maestro.

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Hiro-Kala was good and they should have done more with him. Other than that Maestro and, as badly done as his introduction was, I did appreciate Rulk and what he represented.

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Wendigo, Maestro and Sandman.

He needs more villains who aren't just physically powerful in my opinion.

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Don't forget Lord Armageddon, Hiro-Kala and Dark Sorceress Umar. Unfortunately, much like Maestro & the U-Foes, they haven't been utilized often. Which is a shame, 'cause they have tons of potential. Leader and Abomination are only great if they're used to their greatest potential and not very often.

I think one of the biggest problems with Hulk's Rogues Gallery is the fact that there isn't many that are interesting and diverse. Those that you and I listed are pretty much all the really great villains he has. Of course, the blame could be extended to writers who have no sense of creativity to introduce new, interesting, powerful foes and threats to challenge Banner/Hulk.

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@greenscar1990: I understand where you're coming from.

Heck, some of the villains in his rogues gallery have so much potential to be great like Devil Hulk or the ones you've listed. Besides, if Grizzly could get a huge push from Nick Spencer in the newer Ant-Man comics with Scott Lang as the new Ant-Man, so can Hulk's other villains. That is, if they're done right.

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Abomination, Leader and Maestro are his only real good villains. The U-Foes, Wendigo, Bi Beast and what he could've represented Red Hulk all have great potential and are just wasted away or underutilized.

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Hiro kala has by far the most potential out of his entire rogues gallery and fits the bill for a perfect hulk villain in a large story arc (think Gorr the God butcher to thor, but better), I mean:

- hulk has feelings for him, given that it's his son and one of his biggest failures, period

- he's conflicted, and Isnt just straight up evil, he has a shot at redemption and genuinely believed that the oldpower was evil

- he's actually powerful and can give hulk a good fight, and could be even more powerful if he gets more of the new power

- he has a hulk form that is supposed to be able to destroy the universe, high stakes much?

- greg pak is writing hulk, and no one would write hiro better than him

He had so much damn potential, and still does. Id love to see him make a return.

My other favourite is maestro, but I don't really see him as a hulk villain so much as his own character nowadays.

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