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First I want to apologize for my bad English (use the Googel translator)

Now to the topic

Some discussions always appear contrary.


Hulk was defeated by .. and weaker than,

Hulk is stronger than ... (Dommsday Juggenaut Thor, etc.)

Anger is limited need not then be Hulks power limited

He can regenerate if ..?

and so on.

Apparent endless discussions

I think this could be here dissolve in the individual as the Hulk list versions.

Of course, in order of appearance.

(And if something similar was done with doomsday, could someone with better English

ScrewAttack! / DEATH BATTLE point out.

I fortstehlt with the following.


1) Name of the version

2.) image

3.) First occurrence

4.) base values

5.) due to the transformation


6) Thickness

Once at weightlifting and once clout

7) Resistance

8) Regeneration

9.) travel speed

10.) Fighting / transformation speed

(On both apparent velocity confirmed speed.

With apparent I mean things like someone who can be very fast or similar to make ..

Superman classic example of the Silver Age could avoid the Silver Age Flash.

Because we know not how fast was the impact of flash, it is an apparent power)


11) Extra forces (eg ability to adaptations to space)

12) notes.

13) Weaknesses

14.) Losses

15.) Wins

At 14 and 15, only the name of the enemy or group


First Hulk / Grey Hulk / Mr. Fixit


First appearance Incredible Hulk # 1

Height: 6 '6 "

Weight: 900 lbs

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Black

Intelligence: Average

Strength: Superhuman Class 75+

Due to the transformation

at night


1) strength



2.) Resistance


(Which was twice as large as the Earth) is greater than that of the asteroids

4.) Regeneration



5.) Fighting / transformation


about 1750 m / s

6.) travel speed


extra forces


Sunlight, power does not increase as fast as the Green Hulk


Ready to Dirty Tricks




Next would be

gravage Hulk Incredible Hulk # 2

savage Hulk Incredible Hulk # 102

bannerhulk Incredible Hulk # 123 (Incredible Hulk # 4?)

mindless Hulk Incredible Hulk # 299

nutrient Bath Hulk Incredible Hulk vol. 2 # 315

merged / Proffesor Hulk

shrapnel Hulk

young maestro Hulk

bannerless Hulk

War Hulk

Heroes reborn Hulk

Heroes return Hulk

PS: what was the Hulk?



Incredible Hulk Volume 02 # 42

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