Dr. Robert Bruce Banner vs Convergence Superman

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  • Superman can have all of his convergence and young Superman feats.
  • Banner can't transform in Hulk, he can only rely on his technology.
  • In character,
  • Winner by death or k'o
  • Battle is in Banner Island from Hulk vs Banner.

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There's quite literally no way he can be harmed if he has Banner-tech.

But, please, exclude anything relating to Jason Aaron's horrific garbage of a run. Including that island. Just have it take place in anywhere on the planet.

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This is a battle forum thread, not a Hulk board thread.

@saren@god_spawn@jedixman Would one of you mind moving this to the battle boards instead?

And Banner ROFL stomps, his Oldpower shields were tanking hits from Juggernaut who in turn was causing 8.0 seismic Earthquakes. Superman isn't even going to scratch him at his current pathetic level of power.

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