Do you want the Hulk to be the strongest one there is?

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@TheAcidSkull:  Your right, its all about business and business has been decided that Marvel has chosen Hulk to be the strongest no matter how much it doesn't really make sense.  
Business > Feats from characters, apparently business is better then feats who knew!
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I would prefer Hulk to be pretty even with the other top-tier powerhouses like Thor and Hercules. But then, I find ultra-powerful protagonists to be super boring, so maybe its just me.

Even if super Hulk fans MUST give him an insanely high power-cap; I'd rather it be restricted to physical strength. I'd rather not have him gain spontaneous immunity to other forms of attack like psychic or magical powers. And he should NEVER have any chance of beating celestial-level types like Zeus and Galactus.

And just to make it clear; I DO like Hulk. Or at least I used to. Sure, they'd make him a little too epic sometimes, but I could hang.

Then World War Hulk happened.

I don't read the Hulk anymore.

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@TheAcidSkull said:

@Wolfrazer said:

@TheAcidSkull: Your right, its all about business and business has been decided that Marvel has chosen Hulk to be the strongest no matter how much it doesn't really make sense. Business > Feats from characters, apparently business is better then feats who knew!

it's just that Marvel choose him, doesn't change that Hercules is a best though

Oh I know, I am just rambling on though.
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@TheAcidSkull said:

i agree with the bold, but hulk should be the strongest mortal, but thats just me

Eh, different strokes and all that.

After all, my favorite Marvel team is "The Craptacular B-Sides". So take my opinion for what you thinks its worth. :P

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I tend to take Hulk at his word. When he says "Hulk Smash", Hulk smashes. When he says "Hulk strongest there is", I believe him.

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Since when in the holy history of ass did Hercules "will himself" to be stronger? He was born with god-level strength. He can't increase further than what he inherited from Zeus, not unless he chucks his human half and becomes full god.


I wonder what a purple She-Hulk would look like (random thought). Maybe purple with green hair?

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope:  Never did I say that he could will himself stronger in his history, but it would be an obvious power to give him comic wise with the whole superhero thing and all that. That or give him unlimited strength same as Hulk, it seems rather stupid that Hulk has such but Hercules apparently doesn't which doesn't add up. But anyway we have been through this 
Business > Feats 
Anyway will stop now, don't wanna derail the thread.
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#61 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio


Okay. :3

Let's just talk Tanks then. Cuz Witches dig Tanks.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:


Do you turn green as well? :P

I agree 100% thor and hercules should be stronger than hulk, or at least equal...

I hate how marvel writes hulk.... its a disgrace.. the almost never make him lose....

hulk has a limit to his strength because there is a limit to how mad he can get

see hulk 425

marvel = disgrace

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#64 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio


That's one reason as to why I created by own "hulk". Just as strong, if not far beyond Hulk's eventual strength capacity, and has electrical abilities as well as monster shape-shifting that's far more advanced than Banner to Hulk.

I swear fan made hulks are better than comic book official ones (except Rulk and Grundy because I can't hate those two. Earth 2 Grundy I hate because he's a literally rotten alternative fetish dancer.)

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@cmartin said:

@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:


Do you turn green as well? :P

I agree 100% thor and hercules should be stronger than hulk, or at least equal...

I hate how marvel writes hulk.... its a disgrace.. the almost never make him lose....

hulk has a limit to his strength because there is a limit to how mad he can get

see hulk 425

marvel = disgrace

The Hulk's cells increase in gamma energy, growing in strength, in proportion to stress in order to survive. The key factor is stress, Whether caused by the stress of his own anger/strenuous physical activity or what is inflicted on him by others.

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Zeus could vaporize Hulk if he wanted,gosh, Skyfathers are on whole new level people.

Also,can you guys explain to me how Hulk's anger works?I keep hearing limitless and all that. but IMO everyone has a limit to how angry they can be,like how can Hulk get more angry than when he thought his wife and child were killed, and his new home were destroyed.(I always thought this was one of the few times he was right AND Ghost Rider agreed to that.)

So if his anger has an upper limit the wouldn't his strength also have one like WWH or WBH.Still I think he has the potential to be the strongest physically,but being the most powerful that's different.

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Look closely. My first point supports my second point and my second point supports my third and fourth point.

A Basic Rundown of Hulk's Superhuman Abilities

1. The Source of Hulk's Power:

Atoms are the fabric of reality. The universe has endless atoms/mass, therefore, it also has limitless atomic energy(the motion of atoms/mass), which is where the Hulk draws his power from. Hulk converts the endless nuclear power of the universe into super-strong biomass, granting him virtually limitless superhuman strength. Hulk is powered by the most power energy form: Gamma rays. Gamma ray explosions are so powerful that they can generate as much power a sun (a trillion megaton-nuclear bombs exploding every second) produces in it's entire billion year life span with milliseconds to hundreds of seconds.

2. Hulk's proportionate growth as it applies to strength, stamina, adaptation and regeneration:

Fueled by limitless nuclear power, gamma rays, the Hulk geometrically grows the atomic-molecular structure of his bio-mass in proportion to stress(effective working force) allowing for survival by making what would be lethal damage into marginally superficial damage. For this reason Hulk's body has limitless muscular power, is self-sustaining, being able to adapt for survival in hostile environments, has limitless stamina, and is very fast in regenerating to full recovery.

3. Hulk's own transmutation(the change of matter) and resistance to outside transmutation:

Hulk is also immune to Transmutation/Matter manipulation because he fights against it with the atomic -molecular mass growth of his cell structure in proportion to stress. It can be said Transmutation/Matter manipulation does not work on Hulk because he manipulates matter as well, in the best way possible. the Hulk himself is living transmutation, an unstoppable juggernaut of transmutation. Hulk can not suffer permanent destruction, let alone should destruction followed by reconstruction. Hulk's own transmutation prevents him from being completely overtaken by outside transmutation. Atom by atom, molecule by molecule, Hulk can be taken to the edge and not be obliterated because he simultaneously builds himself back up stronger.

4. The body's own expenditure of energy & mass is induces stress, because the body puts pressure on itself to continually produce and sustain itself.

As you know the more the Hulk strains his body/the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. We also know that Hulk's cellular strength increases can come from the stress he makes on his own as well as from any other outside forces.

What makes Hulk so incredible is that he is an indestructible human juggernaut of limitless nuclear power!!

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Hulk is the Strongest One There Is.

Only Celestials, Galactus, Eternity, Infinity, Death, Oblivion and the other top Cosmic Entities out class him.

Thanos, Surfer, and Thor? They're on Hulk's level. But he's more physically powerful than any of them and equal to them in other departments.

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@GreenScar1990 said:

Hulk is the Strongest One There Is.

Only Celestials, Galactus, Eternity, Infinity, Death, Oblivion and the other top Cosmic Entities out class him.

Thanos, Surfer, and Thor? They're on Hulk's level. But he's more physically powerful than any of them and equal to them in other departments.

If cosmic beings out class the Hulk in the physical strength department than the claim to being the "strongest one there is" must be hyberbole correct?

And how is he equal to Thanos, Surfer, and Thor in other departments beyond the physical? Energy projection? Fighting skills? Intelligence? Cunning? Political influence?

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@seekquaze said:

@GreenScar1990 said:

Hulk is the Strongest One There Is.

Only Celestials, Galactus, Eternity, Infinity, Death, Oblivion and the other top Cosmic Entities out class him.

Thanos, Surfer, and Thor? They're on Hulk's level. But he's more physically powerful than any of them and equal to them in other departments.

If cosmic beings out class the Hulk in the physical strength department than the claim to being the "strongest one there is" must be hyberbole correct?

And how is he equal to Thanos, Surfer, and Thor in other departments beyond the physical? Energy projection? Fighting skills? Intelligence? Cunning? Political influence?

I believe beings like Eternity, Infinity, Galactus, Death, Oblivion, The Celestials are in a catergory all by themselves in terms of power. Then again, it depends on what form of power. When it comes to physical power and raw energy power, Hulk is virutally limitless in these areas. In other words, Hulk is at the top of MU when it comes down to it.

Energy projection? Casually destroying multiple planets within the Dark Dimension, and threatening the entire dimension which Umar was helpless to stop, isn't impressive? How about Gray Hulk, the weakest incarnation, destroying an asteroid twice the size of Earth in a single blow?

Intelligence? One of the smartest men on the planet, rivaling and comparable to the likes of Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, Dr. Hank Pym and Tony Stark isn't impressive either?

Cunning and fighting skills? Have you not looked at Hulk's impressive 50 year history? Look how many battles he's been in and come out on top! Outsmarting Dr. Doom, Reed Richards, The Leader, MODOK, and Hank Pym isn't cunning enough for you? Isn't that enough proof?

I'll give you some examples.

The Hulk's reputation is nothing less than, "The strongest there is." And few are more qualified than General Thunderbolt Ross to describe the Hulk's strength. "Those of you who do know me know that I'm not one for melodrama -- so you'll believe me when I tell you that the Hulk is arguably the most powerful -- and dangerous -- creature to ever walk the Earth!" From Rampaging Hulk #1:

Army scientist, Dr. Zaxon describes Hulk's vast power as immeasurable. "I can hardly believe these readings! He's a veritable blast furnace of limitless organic energy! There is no way to even measure is strength!" From Tales to Astonish #78:

Doc Sampson reinforces this with his own battery of tests, "There truly seems to be no limit to the Hulk's strength!" From Incredible Hulk #228:

Even the mutated super-genius, Leader, realizes, "The tests are worthless! There's no way to measure his strength! There is nothing he cannot do! I cannot build a device powerful enough to test him with!" From Tales to Astonish #73:

Henry Gyrich debriefs members of the Initiative and reveals that the Hulk is "The original omega level threat." From Avengers Initiative #5:

Wolverine personally recounts, "It's like he hits ya so damn hard ya actually leave your own body. It's when ya come back that ya feel the pain. An' ya realize yer goin' toe-to-toe with a walkin' earthquake." From Wolverine Origins #28:

Siryn compares the Hulk to Juggernaut and Deadpool retorts, "The Juggernaut? Compared to the Hulk?! You oughta lay off the glue for a while, babe... it's messing up your perceptions," from Deadpool #4:

Unfortunately, recognition of the Hulk's power can lead to equal amounts of fear. Such is evident in Reed Richards' rationalization for banishing him, "Time and time again, your anger and power have threatened the entire planet. . . . But for your sake and ours, we're sending you away." From Incredible Hulk vol.2 #92:

Even his perennial foe, Namor, understood the consequences as he warns the Illuminati of Hulk's inevitable wrath in New Avengers: Illuminati #1:

That same fear led Tony Stark to specifically invent the power-inhibiting S.P.I.N. technology as revealed in Avengers Initiative #4 and the Superheavy Cell, "a liquid with programmable density" that would be like "dropping raw tonnage on their backs," as revealed in Fear Itself #7.3. But even Stark understands it would only hold him for a little while anyway:

Nevertheless, his oldest friend, Rick Jones, has never lost faith in the hero inside the monster, even during his rampage in World War Hulk #4:

And most of the Avengers hold a deep respect for Hulk, especially the big three: Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. From Incredible Hulk #277:

Thor, in particular, reveals to the Hulk (possessed by Nul the Breaker of Worlds), "I cannot beat you. You know. And I never could." From Fear Itself #5:

And Cap's remarks during Avengers Vs X-Men #11 say it all, "You know I respect you and your space and I would never come to you unless I was at the end of my rope. . . . I need more firepower. . . . I know you only fight a fight worth fighting. And I'm telling you this is one of those fights. If we lose this we lose everything. Will you help us? Please."

The American public is also well-aware of the Hulk's power. "There is not a man or woman here who has not heard of the Incredible Hulk... who has not seen -- in newspapers, magazines, on national television news broadcasts -- the images of his power... his unmatched talent for sheer destruction." From Incredible Hulk vol.2 #2:

The Hulk is famous internationally as well. The Crimson Dynamo remarks, "Though I have heard it said in awed whispers that not even Iron Man and his fellow Avengers have ever prevailed against the Hulk!" From Incredible Hulk #258:

Hulk's reputation isn't even limited to Earth. Aliens across the cosmos like Kurrgo recognize the Hulk's power, noting him to be the "Earth's strongest creature." From Marvel Feature #11:

The Skrulls respect Hulk as "the strongest mortal on Earth," from Incredible Hulk #419:

The alien Toad Men refer to Hulk in awe, "It was a figure that had become legend -- a figure recognizable to any tad old enough to catch his own flies! The most feared creature in all of Toad-Man history -- the Incredible Hulk!" From Defenders vol.2 #8:

Various villains have recognized the Hulk's power. Apocalypse takes great notice of the Hulk's energies as they "may give [him] power over the Celestials themselves." From Incredible Hulk #456:

Upon defeat, the apparition of Loki tries to convince Professor Hulk to join him with more than a hint of fear in his voice, "With my puissance, and your potential... none could gainsay us. None could stop us. None could triumph over your might." From Tales to Astonish vol.2 #1:

The Mad Titan Thanos famously shared such trepidation when faced with the assault of a Power Gem wielding Champion, "In many ways I assume this is what it would be like battling the Terran behemoth, the Hulk. A conflict I've sought to avoid over the years." From Thanos Quest #1:

Interdimensional rulers like Nightmare also fear the unbridled power of the Hulk. "I have sought to attack [Dr. Strange] in manipulating the dreams of others... such as the brutish Hulk! That attempt was a dismal failure -- one I fear to try again!" From Strange Tales vol.2 #3:

The All-Father Odin recognized Hulk's power as he watched Thor's first duel with him, "My son fights valiantly, as an immortal should... against a most awesome foe!! Never have I seen him so close to defeat! Never has he faced a mortal of such incomprehensible power!" From Journey Into Mystery #112:

Even the impossibly powerful Celestials recognize the Hulk's power. Gamiel the Manipulator searched for (and found in Hulk), "evolution's crowning achievement -- the pinnacle of what your species will become..." From Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur #1:

The most powerful entity in Marvel ever published, the Beyonder, famously commented, "You are nothing but raging power personified! An infinity of power -- with no finite element inside!" From Secret Wars II #2:

- Dr. Strange tells the Unleashed Hulk that his power is going out of control, that the gamma energy he's absorbing and unleashing that he normally could control is coming from every dimension/universe in existence, and it would eventually lead not only to his destruction... but the entire destruction of the Marvel Universe itself (Incredible Hulk #450).

This is evidence that Hulk's gamma power, like his strength/power is infinite. Without Banner & Hulk working together to keep his power in-check, the energies would eventually destroy the universe itself.

- The Hulk allows the Elder Spikes to feed upon him for seven hours. The Spikes are beings that normally feast on the vast energies of numerous stars throughout the Universe. (Incredible Hulk #103).

These are but a few that I can list.

The problem with most people, haters or those who just don't find Hulk/Banner interesting, don't know anything about the character.

Here. I'll give you a link.

There's tons of comic proof and information.

And this isn't even all of it.

It's only about 1,000 comics worth of info regarding The Hulk/Bruce Banner.

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In the Marvel Universe, I'll agree he's the strongest on Earth.

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Do I want the Hulk to be the strongest one there is? YES I DO!!!!!

What happened with him and Zeus wasn't even a fight and some people think there's no way hulk could ever beat him and say nasty things and into saying that they know comics. Well, call me butt hurt lol but seriously, it drove me crazy.

Heck, did Hulk have any intention of winning when he fought Zeus?

And the answer to that question, is no.And i'm not saying it out of being a fanboy(even though I am lol), but because as a comic book reader in general. Hulk came to Olympus to die at the hands of Zeus in exchange for a wish to save his family. Hulk had no intention of doing anything that would result in the possible destruction of Zeus. That would have been self-defeating to his very reason for climbing the mountain in the first place. He wanted to enrage Zeus, and then die at his hands in exchange for said self-sacrificing wish. It's fact.

Hulk was the only being, mortal or immortal, on the planet that stood a chance against Zeus on his home turf of Mt. Olympus. If anyone else, like Surfer or Thor or several teams of Avengers have challenged Zeus, they wouldn't have survived or even done near as good as The Hulk! And considering Hulk wasn't there to fight, remained calm and didn't fight back!

Unless I'm wrong, interviews from the writer Greg Pak himself confirmed it, I believe. Personally, I would love to see a rematch one day. Who knows :)

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I think and want HULK to be the strongest their is in planet Earth, overshadowing some other character outside Marvel like Superman,Juggernaut for sure. Lets see, he is a scientist, his other half, Banner. When he becomes HULK, he get endowed with super strength, healing factor, etc, he will not have heat vision, x-ray vision, thier arn't any power laser like shooting out form his hand, he can't fly. Its like the transformation Jekyll and Hyde transformation , he would not be super intelligent not would he be outright handsome.

He would be the monster beast THE HULK green skinned, and he alway wants to be left alone, he has no obligation towards other people or saving planet earth (unlike Juggernaut who amass power and strength by creating destruction , what is that........) unless he is asked for some help ( i mean HULK) like in AVENGERS which seriously undermines his ability, or when his loved one like Betty is in harms way: he is a victim of his own freak accident, how simple is that, Banner wants to get rid of the HULK or at least in many comics and videos i have seen.

HULK is already strong ,and when he is in a battle he grows stronger and stronger , he simply wants to overcome that obstacle which is in his way. He would simply go his way when that obstacle is down. He is bounded in his limit and his limit is: thier is no limit to his strength its infinite, when he becomes angry and mad, but being strong and all gives way to intelligence which he lacks, like other great brains in Marvel.

See superman he can fly, heat vision, x-ray vision, handsome, strong too, equally fast as FLASH, ability to spin the earth if the scenerio is put up like that, able to create hurricane or whirlwinds from his mouth. I like superman, but seeing so many powers sometimes overrates him, now see HULK, he has sonic clap, ground pounding shattering, able to jump from city to city and lastly his ability, infinite limitless strength when he is pissed off. But it would take time to build that strength and it would be that specific moment when he himself or his loved one is in grave danger and i mean grave danger: that would unlock his rage his infinite strength, that is the beutiful moment i always look in HULK videos and movies and the hair in back of my neck stands when i see that happen, and when he screms after the victory. I like it that way.......

This seems perfectly balanced in many ways in terms of his ability, charateristic personality and storyline.

So after seeing all his history and ability i feel HULK is a perfect superhero character and certainly the strongest in MARVEL OR DC in planet earth, period.

But when someone starts comparing HULK with cosmics entities and demigods, which are above mortals and magic, i really can't say much.......

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nicely worded

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@Sinfulplayerx said:

nicely worded

Thank you:

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Hulk at his core, Hulk has unlimited strength and is biologically indestructible.

Fueled by the universe endless atomic energy, the atomic-molecular structure of Hulk's DNA/amino acids are augmented & renewed in proportion to stress therefore any destruction to the proteins composing the different cells/organs of bodily function are inevitably reformed.

Unlike Wolverine, Hulk is not limited in the energy needed to maintain the amino acids.

The process by which amino acids assemble proteins is not instant but all that matters is that the amino acids themselves are maintained because from them, given their chemical nature, all constructs of body function follow.

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The reason I love hulk so much is because he can always win if he keeps from turning into banner long enough.

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@necrotic_lycanthrope: Hercules can't die as he is a good. In The Incredible Gercules against the world he was shot with hydra venom which kills any mortal that's what killed him 3 thousand years ago but Zeus made him a God. That's a full stated God however he is referred to as demigod due to his heritage. Personally I don't think Hulk should be the strongest one there is and I don't think he is. Stan Lee once said he created Abomination, Thor and other characters to be stronger than Hulk but other writers pushed it forward that Hulk is stronger. I think Gods and all other type beings Godlike should be stronger like Galactus, Celestrials even other guys I'd like to be stronger are Abomination, Man-thing, Hercules, wonderman, Godzilla, Gladiator, Sliver surfer tbh the list goes on. If he's the strongest beating Abomination isn't impressive beating the wendingo wouldn't be impressive. If they were stronger the would be at least at little bit of suspense as to who's going to win.

I hate how many characters over the years strength seems to have gone up in levels but others not as much. Hulk use to fight rhino for god sake now you'd laugh at pairing them up to fight.

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Not as long as he's a gamma irradiated human being, with all the crazy cosmic entities and stuff i feel like he would need a better origin story for it to ever make sense for him to be the strongest, idc whether he's written that way or not. He can be the strongest mortal human.

"How do you make someone stronger than the strongest person? It finally came to me: Don't make him human — make him a god." Stan lee on Thor

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against most opponents. but not against guys like galactus or zeus

After the defeat of the King of Chaos and recreation of the universe by Hercules Super-God, a dejected and broken Bruce Banner Hercules would ask him to use his magic to "fix" his family. Hercules explains that when he recreated the universe was guided by a higher wisdom, and that if things were recreated so, it was because it had to be. Dejected morally, Bruce Banner would not settle for this and go against the most powerful god in charge, God could possibly cure and end the suffering of his family of Hulks ... Hulk would then go against the reborn Mount Olympus, facing his step-the Olympian gods! Ignoring the power of the King of the Seas Poseidon, the Arrows of Artemis goddess of the hunt, the extreme cold of Boreas, and the scorching heat of Apollo would attack with the power of the sun! But nothing would stop the Hulk who defeating the Olympian gods and monsters and leveling, up to the present, Sky-Father Zeus. Which greet the boldness and power of Hulk with powerful and huge lightning!.

  • The power of the lightning is not to be compared to a normal lightning, this is the very essence of the power of the Olympic Sky-Father. Gift of the mythical Cyclops of Zeus Thunderbolt is equivalent to the Odin-Power, and is what makes Zeus the most powerful of the Olympian gods and an entity that could rival the power of Odin.

But even the power of the Sky-Father does not kill Hulk, still raise challenging, demanding to Zeus a debt for helping to restore their power during the war against Chaos King. Zeus would not accede to the request of Hulk and taking it as a challenge, Zeus face Hulk in hand to hand combat. Hulk's first blow would send the King of gods to fly, but the counterattack of Zeus would be brutal, confrontation shake the entire New Mount Olympus! Zeus eventually would rise to victory. Defeated Hulk suffer the same punishment as Prometheus, chained and bound to be delayed by vultures. Three days would suffer Hulk with strength and healing power diminished, until it would eventually rescued.

  • Far from being this a defeat, is an extraordinary example of the incredible Hulk strength and power. If we take as a reference to Odin, some Sky-Father held Marvel can overcome almost any being other than a major cosmic entity as Eternity. Zeus is possibly a destroyer of galaxies as Odin. Zeus has just returned from the "death" and with all his power and glory.
  • Hulk demolition and Zeus command to fly a powerful and unexpected blow just intended to provoke. Hulk did not even try to fight really, somehow believed that if left to kill (self-sacrifice) by Zeus, this would give him the "cure" to his family that he was severely injured in Chaos War and who bear the "curse" of be Hulks. This course of action would be rare in Hulk, but not Bruce Banner who was really desperate .... Because of the power of Zeus Hulk "fight" with his strength and healing power decreased to 7% of its capacity, and yet survived the brutal punishment of Zeus which can increase their physical abilities to levels unattainable for almost any being. Hulk has been shown to achieve much higher levels of power in other incarnations as the Worldbreaker.
  • Personally I think it really would be very difficult even for Hulk beat a Sky-Father Zeus Marvel as these beings are beyond any scale, but theoretically agree that Hulk could do given its dynamic strength factor. Anyway, this is an extraordinary example of the power of the Hulk he could and could possibly face a Sky-Father!. But when you consider when Hulk defeated and surpassed that Onslaught is conceivable that Hulk has a better chance to beat a Sky-Father.

Onslaught's armor was created with the hope that it could never be destroyed (not by The Celestial), a power that can alter reality itself, and he had just missed the combined power of Earth's heroes ... the Savage Hulk accomplished the impossible. Knowing the infinite power of Onslaught, Hulk Jean Grey would ask to "turn off" the personality of Bruce Banner, the side that keeps its awesome power under control. Jean removes the influence and Banner limiting letting out a Wild-Hulk without restrictions!. Only the savage Hulk unlimited force rival the unlimited power of Onslaught. Each strike unleashed by the jade giant Onslaught more power would be so powerful that brave and powerful heroes of the planet would have to fight to get closer to the titanic combatants. Unlimited powers faced in a bout of such beings would be the monumental Hulk force which would be imposed, achieving destroy the indestructible!!.

  • Onslaught (whose power could rival the mighty Celestial) possessed powers combined with Professor Xavier and Magneto had already defeated all the heroes of the planet. Now had added the powers of Franklin Richards and X-Man (Nathaniel Grey) two of the most powerful mutants in the universe!!. He had now reached almost omnipotence and was able to alter reality itself on a universal scale!. His power was potentially infinite, capable of rivaling a cosmic entity! But it was surpassed by Hulk who opened the way for their eventual defeat.

Franklin Richards has faced The Celestials. Onslaught assimilate all his powers and combined with the powers of Xavier, Magneto, X-Man and his own powers, armor can withstand the power of a Celestial. It is superior to any Sky-Father, Odin even the most powerful of all the Sky-Father and the one most closely to their power is Zeus.

Therefore. Hulk crush Onslaught. That feat simultaneously crushed all Sky-Fathers.

If we consider that Odin is the most powerful Sky-father, we saw earlier that Odin is not at the level of a heavenly and I think the Destroyer to rival the Celestials. And yet, he could not. Now, many villains and high level enemies have always said that Hulk has the energy and power to give you an advantage over the Celestials.

No known limits Hulk strength ... apparently his strength is unlimited. Even beings as powerful as The Beyonder (The Almighty) or cosmic entities as The Stranger have said that Hulk is an infinite power or strength is virtually limitless.

In El Dorado (Peru), stood The Flame of Life, a device created by the deviants, with intent to resist and rival the power of the powerful Heavenly!. In a fit of anger the Savage Hulk destroyed the tower built to withstand the power of those Cosmic Gods!.

Now instead of giving your own arguments and the use of a solitary image to give credence to your opinion, it is best that you refrain. Since we all know that this battle was just a Hulk self-sacrifice to save his family, had no desire to fight. Besides its power was diminished and stand all the Power of Zeus which is a Destroyer of Galaxies and altering Reality.

World-War Hulk can beat a Sky-Father as Odin and Zeus ... with ease. World-Breaker Hulk I consider that this incarnation is able to cope with the Celestials.

Over the years, many different incarnations of the Hulk, what makes them different? Or what unites them? Taking a look at the different incarnations of Hulk understand a little of the character's psyche, and as well we will draw answers to some apparent inconsistencies as stages that Hulk has been able to breathe in space or underwater.

Also the different levels of forces, limited by Banner's reasoning. Almost all Hulks have unlimited power capacity, but the same capacity or speed to achieve the same strength exponential increase. Each incarnation has the same potential to achieve the same level of strength, but each incarnation begins with a different base strength level.

When the Sorcerer Supreme of a universe composed of Strange Matter (infinitely more dense than the stuff of this universe) got possession of the Grey Hulk-creating the Dark-Hulk with Hulk's body would seek to conquer the universe. This being was the Sorcerer Supreme of size (such as Dr. Strange for us) for millenia and had exterminated all life in his universe, having seen this universe now try to conquer using the Hulk's body. Because the Hulk-Gray had his full power only at night, the wizard would fail to develop full power of Hulk, giving the opportunity to Namor and Dr. Strange to fight. Banner also would combat mentally, attacked on two fronts and seeing that just having the mental strength of Banner would have complete control and power of the Hulk, this being would try to take possession of it as well. Banner will play his last card by opening a door (a mental block) in his mind to show the other being that it be filled with horror!!. Just then Dr. Strange in the physical world have a portal back to the frightened end entity to his own universe. Banner and Hulk quickly shut the door Grey mental this be behind the door did not manifest.

  • If you are wondering what was able to scare a Sorcerer Supreme of the universe infinitely dense and conqueror/destroyer of the universe?.Well, I leave you with no doubt. Image-1Image-2Image-3

Hulk was the only being in the universe who managed to defeat the Master of the Galaxy, cosmic entity created by an alien race, who had traveled the universe without any power opposed him, destroying thousands of worlds in its wake. Hulk would defeat not only once but also a second time where the Master of the Galaxy back 10 times more powerful.

The Gardener one of The Elders of the Universe,Primordial Power holder, is among the most powerful beings in the universe, cosmic energy levels are above the Heralds of Galactus, despite having himself one of the Infinity Gems , was defeated by Hulk. Hulk also throw burying gem in the center of the planet.

Blip, a being of pure electricity, whose rays could instantly incinerate any being whose body contains billions of megawatts, could not hurt Hulk.

Apocalipsis, using the technology of the Celestials (with the intention of using the energy that keeps the body of Hulk), in his analyzes says that such energy could provide power even over the mighty Celestials.

Also in WWH, Dr. Strange channeling the power of the extradimensional demon Zom(for Zom was necessary to defeat the Living Tribunal intervention) Hulk through the body from side to side and this not only survives in spite of magical attacks strange, but strange, then defeat Strange-Zom.

The Silver Surfer has even absorbed the awesome power of Hulk with the intention of adding it to his cosmic power and to overcome the invisible barrier that kept him trapped in the earth, an impenetrable barrier set by Galactus, and that with the help of energy Hulk managed to destroy.But not all the power absorbed, only a small part of indescribable power.

¿¿Super Men?? Gifted? Superstrength, superspeed, super senses, vision hotter than the sun or atomic properties that can move entire worlds, invulnerable? Hulk laughs at the word "Super" because it is simply Incredible.

That's all, and there are many more feats of Hulk. Apart for people who say that Superman is stronger or powerful than Hulk ... they're wrong, most physical feat of Superman was in All-Star when I lift 200 quintillion tons (which is a small fraction of the weight of the Earth also had their power triplicate). Also this is not canon, because it's another reality.

Now if I come to talk about the New 52, where superman "lift" the weight of planet earth for 5 days straight, let me tell all fan of Superman in the comic clearly says Superman pressure keeps the weight of the planet (approximately 5.977 sextillion tons). They must take into account something, "Lift" is something very different from the "Pressure". It's like I try to lift a car, I have a huge physical effort but I can not do it, just do pressure the weight of the car. But do not get up.

Superman in many comics, has had its power increased in some way (sun, another character, etc..) And still has much physical effort to move a moon. But in the DC Multiverse, everything contradicts ...

During the Secret Wars (Banner Hulk) bear the weight of a mountain dwarf leaving the South American Andes, a mountain range that impact so powerful a blow that was felt around the planet created by the Beyonder. Thor and the Enchantress who would then across the globe feel the powerful shock wave that would rock this world!.

  • The Andes has an area of ​​7500 kilometers (covers 7 countries) and reaches heights of almost 7 kilometers. This ridge alien dwarf let these extraordinary dimensions ... inside the comic only mentioned that there are billions of tons of Hulk. Well this is just a comic, but we will try to make an interpretation. Very independent of the weight of the range is the fact that this huge mass of solid rock in free fall came to a great height which multiplies its weight and impact power for long. It hit with such power that shook the world created by the Beyonder, the only impact would reference equivalent us is the legendary meteorite that fell in Yucatan and probably cause the extinction of the dinosaurs, this impact was equivalent to a billion megatons . The actual deed to my view, is to have ground to a halt this impact (otherwise had pinned Hulk as a nail in wood and survived him and died the other heroes) and endure as the billions of billions of tons that even looked nailed on earth. A special feat Banner-Hulk was not even angry and has a lower ability relative to other Hulks to reach extreme forces.
  • This world known as the Battleworld, was a creation of the Beyonder, which destroy a Galaxy to achieve the space you need to create this gigantic world, where the most powerful heroes and villains of the world fight to be a winning side. As another interesting fact to know is that the total weight of the mass of the Moon is estimated at 81 billion tons (in the system of scales and numerical measures used in the U.S.), the weight of this range apparently was 150 billion tons.

During Planet Hulk saga, dipped in lava, Hulk moved and lifted the plate tectonics (continents, mountain ranges, cities, deserts, etc, etc) of Planet Sakaar, preventing the entire planet will be broken into pieces, keeping the planet together only his strength, moving and lifting an unimaginable number of tons.

  • An interesting and atener in mind is that the Earth Equatorial diameter is about 7926.41 miles (12,756 km) and Polar diameter of 7,900 miles (12,713 km), The Earth is not a perfect sphere, and its weight is 5.972 sextillion metric tons. Equatorial Sakaar has a diameter of 12.150 miles (assuming the mile as standard as official U.S. and not miles, and its corresponding numerical scale), or nearly twice the Planet Earth and a volume about 3.6 times upper! Its mainland is much larger in proportion than that of our planet! His weight was probably well over twice (in the lowest estimates!) Or four times that of the Earth. All this gigantic world was held, lifted, moved and held together by the extraordinary force of Hulk, which was not in its normal level of power, you step through the portal that brought him to Sakaar weakened him greatly, and to compensate for loss of strength this incarnation of Hulk more intelligence development, but was gradually regaining power. This version of Hulk is what later became the World War Hulk, with even more powerful then!. Should be far kilometers (which do not really think for obvious reasons), equal Sakaar has a land mass larger than the Earth and its difference in size would be too small and its weight could be very similar, as it is still a feat worthy of a Hulk that was not in his best.

Those two feats of strength Hulk. They are superior to anyone who has done superman with his power increased by any means (he is limited). Now, those two feats of Hulk were greatly weakened state.

Superman needs to go at the speed of light to destroy a moon with a fist with much effort, that is why his physical strength can not, therefore, use their speed to amplify the damage. And the son of Hulk (Skaar):

Hulk's son Skaar and Caiera the Oldstrong had the incredible strength of his father and his mother's Old Power that allowed him to absorb the planet itself. Commanding now the power of the planet itself and the power of 100 trillion tons, Skaar try to destroy his father. Hulk almost kill his son and even would appear almost indifferent to their incredible level of power.That punch is capable of spraying an easy moon, the moon weighs 81 billion tons and the blow are like over 100 moons weight, which creates a big impact. Hulk not only survived, but was indifferent to the great power of his son.

Gladiator, Sentry, Hyperion, etc ... are characters with feats superior to Superman by far. Hyperion could stop the clash between two universes, Gladiator has flown 100 times the speed of light and black holes has torn and destroyed planets with force alone (without the super-speed trick to amplify the damage). Sentry has unleashed the power of a million exploding suns, take into account this:

  • If the sun explodes produces as much energy to destroy a solar system or two. Imagine that energy and power but a million times more powerful. Have you imagined it? Well, that power is Sentry. Able to destroy an entire galaxy.

Now believe that Superman is higher after this? If you believe, they are definitely crazy fans.

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#81 Edited by LeeSensei (449 posts) - - Show Bio

If I was a writer I would make Hercules his at least his physical equal, but I'm not. The Hulk's the strongest. The Hulk Hercules would be his I think the Hulk's the strongest not count Sub-Skyfather level characters and higher.

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#83 Posted by KingOfKings1 (2092 posts) - - Show Bio


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#84 Posted by Vitalius (5172 posts) - - Show Bio


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#85 Posted by FuzzyLittleRodent (2087 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman: "That's cute."

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#86 Posted by Thedailybagel (12922 posts) - - Show Bio

I want him to be stronger than pretty much everyone else in his tier (as he's occasionally potrayed). There shouldn't really be anyone fairly close to him in overall power that can beat him in a test of strength or last long in a fist fight with him.

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#87 Posted by winters (95 posts) - - Show Bio

Cain marko/juggernaut could give the green hulk a serious run for his money.

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#88 Posted by HULKANGRY (357 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk is the strongest one there is! A rage that could cower a god!!

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I want him to be stronger than pretty much everyone else in his tier (as he's occasionally potrayed). There shouldn't really be anyone fairly close to him in overall power that can beat him in a test of strength or last long in a fist fight with him.

Pretty much this. He should be above any powerhouse-herald type character when it comes to physical strength and in the most extreme situations(like for instance WBH) he should be above guys like Thanos even and maybe Skyfather characters.

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I am fine with his powers fluctuating. I am fine with him being more tough than invulnerable . EX supermn causually strolls through lava, Lava hurts hulk, he can tolerate it because he is tough, but it pisses him off. I like him the way he is.

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@w0nd: Lava doesn't actually hurt Hulk, he even made a jacuzzi out of it just for kicks once.

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#92 Posted by Thedailybagel (12922 posts) - - Show Bio
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@thedailybagel: Not just covered in it, he actually swallowed some but it didn't bother him, he just spit it at Skaar.

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Hulk is not the strongest there is . Neither is superman , Thor and the other powerhouses

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If I was a writer I'd have it gods like Thor, Hercules, Wonder Woman, etc > mortals like Hulk, Superman, Juggernaut etc.

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In Marvel he should be the strongest one there is. I believe Hulk and Hercules deserve to be at the very top of the strength category due to strength being their primary power. Hulk should be stronger than Thor, Thanos, Gladiator, Sentry etc.

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