Best Hulk issues by Peter David?

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I've been reading some of Peter David's work on the Hulk and while I do like parts of his run, are there any other issues including ones featuring Hulk in his "Grey Hulk" form by him that are considered "great"?

I would love to know what they are because I've been wanting to read more of Peter's run on the character and series.

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or this.........

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so many were great.

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The entire run

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Peter David would reach back into the Hulk villains Catalog and give his own unique take on those Characters. Characters like Glorian, Juggernaut, Man-Thjng, Absorbing Man, Red Skull, Mr Hyde, Man-Bull: he even brought back Werewolf by Night. All these characters were well handled and polished by David. And his versions of the Hulk were very dark and angry at the world. His run also had some great artists like Todd Mcfarlane, Mike Deodato, Dale Keown, Adam Kubert, and other great artists.

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one of my favorite Hulk, villians besides, the Leader and Red Hulk is the Maestro.

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