Batman vs Hulk?..Seriously?

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Batman was able to hurt the Spectre with a mere kick.

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Hulk literally stomps.

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@solid_snake97: He didn't. Spectre only did that because he thought it would make him feel better. So stop wanking.

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#354 Posted by Green_Tea (10583 posts) - - Show Bio
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@solid_snake97: Well considering how this is text based site and I can't see your face or hear your voice along with the fact that people believe that Batman can do that it not sad at all. If your joking say so. Again, it a text based site I can't read our mind to tell if your joking or not.

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@tanakaclinkenbeard: nah, someone would have to be pretty stupid to claim that Batman is strong enough to hurt the Wrath of God lol, not even Batman's most rabid fanboys can make such a claim (I'm talking about here on CV, one of the very few websites filled with knowledgeable comic book fans)

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@solid_snake97: Dude people have made that claim on this very forum. I can't tell you which thread due to me reading it long before I join(Which was 3 years age.) But someone have indeed made that claim.

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Bring back banner and make him more anti-hero thats the way I usually like Hulk. Since heroes always try to control him like some slave. I like him being solo. I want Hulk and Banner talk to each other more in his mind to show the struggle or when they make peace. This is marvel comics so... they have to bring politic bullsht in it.

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bats wins through actually being able to think straight and using armour that he used in batman superman

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Why so serious?

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Bats dies

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Hi there, I'm new at comic, but I've been reading a lot the battles posted here, and i have enjoyed a lot for a long time.

And specifically in this one I'd like to say that as long as I know the only way for batman win is if he stands in front of hulk and say "I'm gonna kill you", then hulk would look at that little bat man an start laughing till he calms down and turn to banner and then batman KO him, please don't be mad about me batfans, I'm just kidding, I guess all that is just for fun anyway

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Need Batman 1000,000 I think for this to go down as fair batmans gadgets would be either ineffective or just piss Hulk off even more batman would use all at his disposal may even get hulk down on an occasion but that's unlikely in my opinion Batman can throw some hits with gadgets tactics and tricks but once hes out of all that and hulk gets close its over in a single slap its just basically batman could only delay the inevitable I love batman and the hulk but batman doesn't have the things necessary to knock the hulk down he may have fought sups in comics but sups morals are different to the hulk the hulk will just want to smash.

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@kallarkz said:

Are you sure you hate Batman?

Have you given his books a try?

Years ago I would have told you he is the most boring overrated character in existence. Today however I can't get enough of his books.

He does have good comics, but I think the character is boring and is not so special.

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God i hate batman

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@timekeeper said:

This fight has always been absolute trash. Hulk squeezing Batman not only doesn't kill him, but Batman manages (while being squeezed by THE HULK) to punch Hulk in the ears so hard, Hulk lets Batman go. Seriously?!

when captain america's punches's worked against hulk then batman can also hurt hulk

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when it comes to physical strength batman and captain america are on the same level

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@vj21oq: That's ultimate Hulk from a different universe/reality entirely. And no Batman and Captain are not on the same level strength-vise. Batman isn't enhanced by anything like Cap is with the super soldier serum.

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@vj21oq: Your lowballing is impressive.

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batman build hulk power sucker than hit him so hard

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@zenrazor: you are the biggest dumbass I have ever witnessed. Batman is pretty resourceful, but he is clearly overwanked. There's no way he could beat the hulk, with or without help. Hulk will give characters like supes and doomsday a run for their money and you seriously think batman has a chance against him?? Bats was able to beat superman or ds for that matter, cz he had the proper resources required (kryptonite and radion that is) to incapacitate them. What does he have against the hulk? What weakness does Bruce have that batman can exploit? If it's a serious encounter and not some PIS crap then Hulk rips batman apart like a piece of paper.

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