Awesome Toy Picks: 'Marvel Select' Hulk

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Each week we pick a comic book collectible and take a closer look at it. That means actually taking it out of the packaging. This week I'm finally getting around to opening a figure that's been sitting under my desk at the office - the Hulk from The Avengers line of Marvel Select figures.

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You can see there's some art based on the movie on the packaging. This Hulk is a little different from past versions as they try to make it fit closer to the movie version. The packaging also has a brief summary on his character, just in case you weren't really sure what his story was.

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If you've had a chance to see this figure in the packaging, you have an idea how massive he is. Marvel Select knows how to get the proportions right. Hulk is supposed to be big and they make sure they capture that.

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When I first saw the figure, I wasn't crazy about the pants. They do a great job on the botton end, showing the torn bits. The top seems a little too snug. Then again, you would expect his pants to be tight after transforming.

The other minor complaint is seeing the joints, especially in his upper body. But seeing the rest of the detail, muscles and veins, you can overlook seeing the joints. Even the detail of his feet look good. Who would have thought the way a figure's toes look would make a difference?

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Look at those fists. I almost wish he came with interchangeable hands. It would've been nice to have some open hands to mix it up a little.

You'll want to be careful with his hair. I actually poked my finger on it and drew a tiny bit of blood. Hulk is just so massive, even his hair is incredible.

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How does this Hulk compare to other figures?

Because this is a figure from movie, why not compare him to another figure from the movie? Last September we looked at the Chitauri footsoldier, who was a bit massive himself.

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To get a better idea of how big this figure, let's compare him to the Iron Man figure from the same movie line.

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Come on, say it with me. You know you can almost hear the figure talking.

"We have a Hulk..."

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You can see the size difference. The Iron Man figure is a pretty solid figure. He has a bit of heft to him. The Hulk figure, like the Marvel Select Thanos or Juggernaut figure is pretty heavy.

If you're looking for a good size Hulk figure and you come across this one, it's a good buy. It's a nice solid figure. The size and proportion is just right. He might have some minor faults but this is an impressive figure.

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That's awesome, I like Marvel Select's larger figures.

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Tony (@g_man) I think you had a typo error here. lol

"I actually poked my figure on it and drew a tiny bit of blood."

You put the word figure instead of finger. lol Oh well, it's a nice figure by the way. I noticed the torn looks weird on his right knee. But it's okay I guess.

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@iceslick: really dude? you can't go on living if it's not corrected?

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tony looks bored as **** even though theres a pissed of hulk behind him XD

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This piece looks great except his harms are too small. The Hulk had huge arms but that is not represented in this figure.

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Hey Tony!

Any chances that you review one of those Man Of Steel statues that are out, from DC collectibles? I am still so torn if I wanna buy these and your reviews are always incredibly helpful in that regard! Also, I would love more statue reviews in general, since I am more of a statue guy instead of the action figures.

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I got a Red Hulk from Marvel Select yesterday at Comicpalooza. He's too epic & the perfect match to my Magneto Marvel Select.

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@iceslick: Thanks. That's what happens when I write this up on a Saturday night while trying to watch a movie with the wife.

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@shallbecomeabattoo: I'd love to but statues are kind of pricey. I spent $75 yesterday for three upcoming features. Spending twice that for one is a bit much. I'd really like to do more but if I'm going to spend that, it'd have to be on something I really really want to spend my $$ on. We'll see.

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I have both figures and are awesome! I want my Black Widow and Nick Fury Marvel Select though...

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Really like the face sculpt

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Oh, I thought you would get those more or less for free. If you have to spend your own dime on it to write a feature, I absolutely understand that you cannot do a weekly statue review :-)

I really loved the Rorschach statue feature you did and it made me buy the thing, so I am looking forward to another one, if you find something you like.

Hey, wait a minute... does that mean you actuall spend those 5000 dollars on that Batman watch a few months back??? HOLY MOLEY!

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weird looking

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Funny, I saw this figure online for a decent price yesterday. I wanted betters pics to see if it was worth it. After this review, I've decided its definitely worth picking up.

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I have the barbarian version from Jason Aaron's run. The detail on these marvel select figures, especially the bigger ones, is really impressive. Usually can't stand movie tie-in figures but these look really good.

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So happy I bought this when it came out back in the day (even though it was last year WTF). The new Aaron Silvestri Hulk looks cool, but I think the Ruffa-Hulk takes the cake in term of badassness.

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@thetimestreamer: Yes I can go on living if it's not correct. Slow down your road buddy. I'm not pissed at him. I'm just telling him he made a mistake that's all. Don't you notice the "lol's" on my comments? It means I'm joking with him. It's not that serious. So relax.

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Excellent! Now do we get a Mark Ruffalo action figure as well? :) Kidding of course...

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Excellent! Now do we get a Mark Ruffalo action figure as well? :) Kidding of course...

I'd be stoked about that myself. I've been collecting the select line awhile, and this was one of the few I was really let down with, I'd be pumped however to see Mark in the jump suit with the bike.

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