Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes almost was a Hulk cartoon!

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Did you know that Marvel originally announced a new Hulk cartoon titled "Hulk: Gamma Corps" to be in the works back in 2008? A few months later an Avengers cartoon was announced to coincide with the release of The Avengers' 2012 movie and by that time this Hulk show was already far into production, but they decided that the ideas they had for this Hulk cartoon would be a better fit for an Avengers show so they decided to fold both shows together and combine them, and the result in the end was Avengers" EMH.

You can check out the video if you're interested in other unmade Hulk TV projects, such as a show that had the involvement of the awesome Guillermo del Toro.

Would you like a new Hulk TV show or cartoon down the line? A personal dream of my is to one day see an adult Hulk cartoon with action scenes similar to those from his direct to dvd movie Hulk Vs, that'd be amazing.

Thanks for reading/watching, any feedback is much appreciated, have a nice day :D

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We need a proper WWH animation.

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