Are Hulk and Bruce separate people?

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I was reading Ultimates vol 2 today (although this question applies to any version of the character) and something happened that got me thinking. For those unfamiliar with the series, originally Bruce Banner held a lot of animosity towards Hank Pym for taking his position as Number 1 researcher in SHIELD and continually showing him up at work. Hank Pym was actually a big part in what led to Bruce becoming the Hulk for the first time (or technically, the second time) and as Hulk, he made it quite clear how much Banner hates Pym.

Now the story has jumped ahead 1 year, and Bruce and Pym are actually partners. It seems Bruce has forgiven Pym -- okay fine, that makes sense. But then I thought, since Hulk made it so clear how much he hated Pym, has HE forgiven Pym just because Banner did? If Bruce were to transform, would Hulk still be able to hate Pym? Perhaps if Bruce still had deep seeded, unconscious resentment, it could manifest itself as the Hulk, but let's just assume that Banner doesn't have any resentment left. Let's just assume that Banner is literally 100% cool with Pym now; does that mean Hulk automatically is as well, or can Hulk make his own decisions? Are Hulk and Bruce Banner actually two separate personalities/people, or is Hulk just another side of Bruce Banner?

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They are 2 different personalities but you have to remember that both can actually influence the other. Sometimes one personality can spill over to the other. It has been shown over the years that all of Bruce's/Hulk's personas can actually have a Hold on one another depending on the emotional state of whichever is in control. Now of course this is Ultimate you are talking about but it doesn't change the fact that multiple personality disorder can sometimes mix.

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Bruce has multiple personality split, so while every Hulk is technically an individual outside of Banner, they are all born out of some aspect of Banner's personality. For example, Joe fixit represents the deviant teenager banner repressed during his teen years, whereas Savage Hulk is the representation of an neglected child who had always been abused. That's why he always claims to be the Strongest there is. That said, the relationship between Banner and Hulk is very connected, and one can change for the other. I don't know how it is in the Ultimate universe, but when Banner changes, usually it does illicit something from Hulk as well.

There are some Hulk versions, such as Green Scar and joe fixit that are too strong personality wise to be altered easily unless there's a drastic change, and there are other Hulks can who are more vulnerable to change. For example, in Waid's run, Banner gained more confidence and was hell bent on overshadowing the damage he had caused by the Hulk, which had made Hulk much more mindless in the process.

There's also the fact that Banner always tries to influence Hulk when he transforms to keep things in check. Sometimes Hulk may avoid attacking someone based on the idea that this adversary, someone like Iron Man, is his friend, which no doubt comes from banner. Though if they push it, chances are that Hulk will put them in their place.

Hope this helped.

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@theacidskull: Thank you, very interesting. I need to read more Hulk.

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@theacidskull: Thank you, very interesting. I need to read more Hulk.

If you decide to do so, tell me. I can recommend some good stories.

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@nickzambuto: id try to read paks run if you want more action packed comics (granted the plots and everything else is good as well), although PADs run pretty much explains everything about how hulks multiple personalities work if your interested in that kind of stuff, and it's amazing as well.

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It depends on the incarnation and the writer. waids hulk was heavily influenced by banner, but wasn't completely under his control, whereas someone like greenscar literally was banner. Pretty much all hulk incarnarions are influenced by banner to some degree, but most of them are fully capable of making their own desicions so long as it doesn't massively go against what banner wants. Granted hulk might not like someone whilst banner does, for example, hulk really doesn't like ironman for obvious reasons, but bruce doesn't hate him nearly as much as hulk does.

So if banner currently likes someone, hulks going to be more inclined to like them too, if banner hates them, hulks going to be very inclined to punch them in the face. Although sometimes hulk might dislike someone regardless of banners feelings.

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Yes. Each version of hulk is its own being locked inside banner's head.

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They are the same person but with different personalities.

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