Hulk vs. Thor

    Movie » Hulk vs. Thor released on January 27, 2009.

    The second animated Hulk vs film from the 2008 series

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    Plot Summary

    The story is based around the time of the Asgardian cycle called Odin sleep. In this time the cities warriors defend Asgard as their great leader Odin sleeps, from various foes such as frost giants dark elfs etc. Thor's half brother Loki  has grown tired of the endless cycle and seeing Thor reign victorious over then enemies of asguard, and thus hatchs a plan on the very last day of Odin sleep to break the cycle once and for all.  Loki summons Bruce Banner and manipulates Bruce into turning into the Hulk, then  gains control of big green via the help of Enchantress. The spell that give Loki control also removes Bruce from the Hulk leaving bruce now trapped in Loki's tower and at Loki's mercy.
    Loki Uses Hulks body to attack the gates of Asgard beating such heroes as the warriors three and Balder to gain entry, Balder as he lay beaten manages to use his horn to call Thor into the battle. Loki announces himself to Thor and and the two begin to fight, with Loki enjoying weilding the hulks great strenght. Loki's control over Hulk begins to break up when he tries to make Hulk pick up Mjolnir , the spell breaks ousting Loki from the hulks body and leaving mindless Hulk beating Thor to near death. Loki now back at his tower in a rage kills Bruce Banner, back on the battlefield as Thor lays beaten a suprising ally comes to his aid, Enchantress then brings Thor back to health with magic.
    Thor goes to find his half brother and convinces him to help re-attach Bruces soul with that of Hulks by going to the Asgardian underworld ruled by Loki's daughter Hela. Meahwhile with Bruce now dead he is now in a heaven like dream with his great love Betty Ross and their child Bruce Banner jnr and is finally happy as he is no longer alone. The dream world begins to change around him as Hela pulls his soul abck into the world of the living. Thor has to convince Bruce to give up his dream world and once again combine himself with the Hulk and continue his lonely existance for the good of the 9 worlds. 
    Making the noble decision that Thor expected, Bruce retaches himself to hulk and ends the Hulks attack on Asgard. But since Hela does not take kindly to having her prized souls taken away she demands another soul as payment. Selecting her father Loki as her prize. Banner is then sent back to Earth whilst Thor returns to his love lady Sif who was standing watch over Odin while he slept.

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    The Green Goliath beats up on two of Marvels finest. 0

    Hulk vs. ThorThe world of Asgard which is protected by the All Father Odin. During the winter for one week, Odin goes into a slumber called the Odinsleep and at this point he's vulnerable, and Asgard plunges into war when his son Loki attacks his kingdom. The attacks are always thwarted by Thor, but this time Loki has added a being with immense strength to his ranks, a being that has brought Thor to his knees once before, The Incredible Hulk. -summaryHulk Vs. is a two part movie by Marvel that f...

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