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Joe Shall Fixit!

Peter David comes yet again back for more awesome adventures for the incredible hulk, and this time around he is colliding with none other than paul Palmer! wait meant to say PETER PARKER ( you'll understand when you read this okay?)

Anyways, The story opens up with something that begun in the previous chapter, hulk is now a leg-breaker and is also working Vegas. At first glance, the idea might sound very stupid, i mean Hulk in a suit? really? but the great thing about is the fact that this is a new twist for the hulk which works awesomely! the grey hulk has always had a angry (Duh!) and teenage type of personality, he a jerk, pure and simple, which fits the criteria of a mobster and a leg-breaker pretty well.

Peter David is a great writer, i say this again, because some writers are good with specific characters, but peter David proves yet again that he is great with many other characters, which is exactly what makes crossovers much much more enjoyable than they are supposed to be. Spider-man is 100% in character, His comments will make you smile and laugh, and peters bad luck is HERE all right, in fact it's so obvious that you'll start laughing! The Fight between hulk and spider-man is nothing short of amazing, i love every second of it, and it is in fact as it should be, while hulk is no doubt stronger, Spider-man is faster, a more agile, and seeing cyborgs battle as hulk and spider-man are cough i the middle is a definite treat for me. Hulks attitude is also all over the place, he is yet again a total A$$, but thats a good thing, because it makes joe fixit stand out in a separate direction in contrast with the green hulk, his philosophy lies in a different place, while the green hulk wanted acceptance, and spider-man wants to help people ( great power, great responsibility, you know the drill), Joe Fixit thinks that it's all useless, because people get hurt either way.

We Also See one of marvels most cherished and dangerous villains, DOCTOR DOOM! And i love his appearance, he is arrogant, manipulative and basically.....well.... exactly the way doctor doom should act, he plays the hulk like a string on a violin, and despite my hulk fanboism, it made me smile. Not to mention the fact that we get one of the most epic clashes in marvel history, and one of my favorite personal battles, Joe fixit Vs The Thing! but this time around Joe fights a much more big and powerful mutated thing! so this mixes things up, because when you have a hulk vs Thing, you know who will win, no matter what, but here, you don't know, which makes it all the more interesting! The The Slugfest is amazing, and the fact of the matter is that Hulk looses the first battle, but the spectacle was amazing, two bruisers fighting while doom is pulling the strings. But the second round is different, Hulk gets back at the thing for pummeling him, but peter David executes it in a much more interesting and unique way. The Hulk, comes upon a dilemma, he realizes that he is not as strong as he use to be, and his base does not increase fast enough for him to beat the thing, so he comes to a conclusion thats fits the grey hulk even more, "Strength isn't everything, WINNING IS".

But As the Story moved forward he focus on something else , hulk is still struggling with someone other enemy, and enemy he has known since the day of his birth, and that enemy is bruce banner and Generally his past! Banner is clawing his way back into reality, but not if Joe has anything to say about it, the whole dynamic Relationship comes back with a great twist, we usually see banner fight the hulk off, but right now, hulk is trying to fight banner off, and it is so well executed. Even further wave of goodness come when hulk faces off against the foes in Jarella world, but this time around the hulk has changed, and so has the universe where he was once ruler! it's pretty amazing that Peter David goes through the hulks unique history, and still manages to make it feel fresh, thats a quality many writers lack, when they should really be able to focus on that. Peter David Explains how and why banner hasn't been able to emerge from Grey hulks mind, and he provides us with a lengthy and interesting arc while doing it.

But Joe is not the Only star of the show, when banner wakes up he has a lot to answer for, word is Mr fixit has vanished, and whats left in his place is a small weakling with a really big brain. Banner learns the juicy details of what had happened at the gamma bomb, and the reaction was amazingly funny, and something that you'd expect from a guy who had been practically non-existent for months. And again the cast members play a major role, even if their appearances are limited, Maralo plays a major lore as someone who wants to get joes attention, and peter david tries to establish here more in the hulk mythos.

The Hulk and Banner dynamic is at it's strongest at somewhere of the end of the book, in the last issue, Joe has made a life for himself, and he doesn't want banner to screw it up, i tries his best yet again to lock banner out of his head, and he isn't doing a great job with it. Banner doesn't seem to play along with Hulks game either, which is what makes this so awesome! despite all the enemies hulk faces, no one can match the inner clash in banner mind!

The art is very neat IMO, Purves proved a very detailed craftsmanship with every character not to mention the fact that the fight between thing and grey hulk was excellently executed!

In short, this was a terrific read, and a very interesting one,with lengthy dialog's and fights!

Recommendation: F*CK YES!

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