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Capturing the legend of this amazing Marvel Comics superhero, Hulk: The Incredible Guide traces the Hulk's 40year career, with special emphasis on the latest developments and characters. Each chapter deals with a different decade of the Hulk's story, from the original comic book to the long running 1970's television series, as well as focusing on the upcoming feature film. Discover the secret of the Hulk's superhuman powers, the terrifying multiple personalities that manifest from deep within Bruce Banner's tormented psyche, and much more. The Hulk is scheduled for release on June 20, 2003


Just in time for the release of Universal Pictures' major motion picture in June. Based on Marvel Comics' character, this guide goes deep into the origins of Bruce Banner/The Hulk, and details each decade with full-color illustrations.

About the Author

Former editor in chief of Marvel Comics, Tom DeFalco has written about SpiderMan and other characters for over twenty years. His books include DK's SpiderMan: The Ultimate Guide, as well as Fantastic Four: Nobody Gets Out Alive and Thor: Alone Among the Celestials for Marvel.

Table of Contents

Bruce Banner — Origin of the Hulk — Hulk's powers — Rick Jones — Hulk friends — Betty Ross — The other women — General Ross — Colonel Glenn Talbot — Hulk hunters — Hulk in the 1960s — The Ringmaster — Tyrannus — The Avengers — Friendly fire — The Leader — Boomerang — Qnax — The Abomination — The Rhino — The Sandman — The Missing Link — The Glob — The Hulk in the 1970s — The Defenders — Xemnu — The Gremlin — Jarella — Doc Sampson — The Absorbing Man — The Juggernaut — The Shaper of Worlds — Wendigo — Bi-Beast — Zzzax — She-Hulk — Sasquatch — Moonstone — Hulk in the 1980s — The U-Foes — The Soviet Super-Soldiers — Sabra — The Crossroads — Separated Hulk — Rick Jones Hulk — Rock and Redeemer — Joe Fixit — Hulk in the 1990s — The Pantheon — Madman — The Riot Squad — Mercy — Speedfreak — Maestro — Trauma — Armageddon — Piecemeal — Ravage — The Death of Betty Banner — Hulk in the 2000s — General Ryker — Jink Slater — Sandra Verdugo — Lt. Sally Riker — Agent Pratt — Hulk 2099 — Devil Hulk — The Ultimates — The End of Hulk — Hulk around the world.



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