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    To be honest, this is kinda... I dunno, I just dont care for it that much.

    The Cover

    Looks good... kinda like a martian threw up and decided to play with it. The result being this extra-green, kinda crappy picture. This tells me this comic could be good... or bad.

    Story 1

    She-Hulk and Joe Fixit... fighting luck-obsessed villains.... figures. Evil people who love luck... like that Lucky Charms guy...

    Either ways, I always kinda like Joe Fixit.... and She-Hulk. This is a great story!

    Story 2

    Skaar being teached by two vicious monsters and an old guy... hmmm... its.. meh. Didn't like it that much.

    Story 3

    Never cared for Thundra stories... and this is no exception. It was actually kinda lame to me.


    She-Hulk and Joe Fixit Vs. The Two Whats-There-Faces = good

    Skaar being taught by some guy and evil aliens = meh

    Thundra and Hulks daughter fighting in the boys vs. girl world war 3 of an alternate future = terrible!

    Interesting pattern, huh? I read this a while back and I'm sure there was a story with Scorpion (Hulks daughter, not the Spidey villain) but they didn't put anything about it on the page for it on the database thingy.... SOOO I didn't review it. I didn't read the aprt anyways. All I read was the first 3 stories.

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