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Puffed Raging Hulk!

Marvel attempts, several times though, to capture the lightning twice. One of this case, Planet Hulk. Successful for fans, critics and sales, Marvel wants to do it again, but this time, with the Red counterpart. Virtually similar plots and scenarios--sending off to another war-ravaged planet and played SAVIOR/KING or whatsoever in the end. If more successful, strike back Earth with a red hue! But no, the readers know better! The original is still THE BEST! And this is almost exactly what happened. Nothing innovative nor stimulating, just a minor insignificant twist for characterization. Yes, it is just a dream in the end, but one cannot help to point out the major defect from the beginning of this story. The only saving grace from this faux paux is the always excellent art of Carlo Pagulayan! Always consistent and grounded for realism, I'll be unsurprised if this book is bought for the sake of his superb art.

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