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The End of Scorched Earth

The way Jeff Parker plays with the identities of the Hulks, how they interact with one another, how Banner wants something and the Hulk another thing, how Ross feels and thinks differently from the Red Hulk is something new brought to the table by the writer, because since the introduction of the Rulk I was lead to believe that he was just an extension of Ross, that he was completely controled by him and now it seems that, like Banner and Hulk, Betty and She-Rulk, Rulk thinks a little different than Ross. It´s the conclusion of Scorched Earth and it was a mangnicent way to wrap things up, renewing an old villain and launching a new threat for the Red Hulk. The dialogues were quick, but they were most interesting when aproached the need of Ross for the Hulk to become Rulk again and the fact that Banner tricked in part Ross, by lying to him about the decice implanted in his head. Gabriel Hardman is an excellent artist, I dare say one of the best for the Hulk, great pages filled with action, monsters, punches and a great finale!!
4.5 out 5


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It has been a great run for the Hulk. Parker has really done fabulous work with these characters!

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Very good review.(and I'm not just saying that) I also like Harman's artwork, but i must admit that i really hope Ed Mcguinness is just taking a break by sticking to the covers only, and returns to doing full issues as well(or at least switching with Hardman) as he is one of the main reasons i got hooked on all things Hulk when he started out in Hulk #1.

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