Hulk #23

    Hulk » Hulk #23 - Who is the Red Hulk? released by Marvel on August 2010.

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    WORLD WAR HULKS RAGES ON! Not a dream. Not a hoax. THE ORIGIN OF THE RED HULK. ‘Nuff Said.

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    Review: Hulk #23 0

    Thunderbolt Ross reflects on the years-long master scheme he orchestrated to become the Red Hulk.  The Good This actually a solid character analysis, giving Thunderbolt Ross greater complexity than you ever thought he was capable of.  I was especially impressed with how Loeb was able to make him sympathetic without ever excusing his actions as naivete. You really do feel the conflicted emotions he has; his paradoxical hatred and jealousy of the Hulk, his s...

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    About Time!! 0

    Not just on the Big Red's Reveal, but what I believe is the return of the Rulk from the first time He made his intro to Marvel.  The comic gaves us a history on our man and what he has done for everyone he care about.  Through the times The Leader and M.O.D.O.K. has in fact made deals with him long ago.  Also, the many artist that draw out all the time periods of Red Hulk was at the time was a nice touch.  This comic also follows current events in what is happening to our jolly "Red" giant and h...

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    ESSENTIAL RULK : Review of HULK Issue # 23 0

    As a young man, Thaddeus E. Ross was involved in a plane crash that nearly took his life.  Doctors said he'd never recover.  Doctors said he'd never walk again.  But with sheer will and determination he proved all the experts wrong. Thaddeus Ross rehabilitated himself to perfect health and subsequently lost all respect for anyone who referred to themselves as ''doctor''.  Enter Doctor Bruce Banner.  So begins General Ross's recollection of key moments in his life which led him to this pivotal po...

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