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Jen gets her turn as a gray Hulk (I think?)

I've always loved Jen Walters' character in Marvel. Even though a great deal of her time has been a semi-spoof character, breaking the fourth wall a-la Deadpool, she's just been a ton of fun in all her various appearances, solo, FF, Avengers, and so on. It's really exciting to see her now get a chance at a more serious, introspective storyline. The art is pale and moody and the concept is just superb. Having Jen go through a period where her whole world is shaken and her safety net/comfort zone of being the happy She-Hulk is taken away from her is such a good opportunity for good storytelling, and I really hope Mariko Tamaki is able to sustain the potential shown in this first issue. I'm pretty sure this will be her gray-Hulk period, and I can't wait to see how that exactly plays out for Jen.

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    Dreadfully Boring 0

    Damage ControlSo lets face it, after Civil War 2.0 Jen's character was pretty much taken through a shredder, then the shreds were taken and set on fire, then the ashes that were left thrown in the gutter. So lets face it Bendis did a number on Jen. Thats partly to blame for why this issue, and what i suspect this series, will be... less than averageThe GoodThe artwork... thats it. THAT'S ITand this artwork is so good it warrants 2 stars (i dont usually give that for artwork so its impressive)Th...

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    Amazing! 0

    I love the artwork the build up to when Jennifer turns into Hulk!The Suspense is awesome.I just wish January 25th would hurry up!#2 I'm coming for you.The only thing I'm really looking forward to is seeing her Hulk out.Because seeing all this art of her Hulked out makes me wanna skip the lawyer work/talk.But for real it's really good,slow build up but great....

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