Who can play Hugo Strange for the next batman movie?

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My idea for an actor to play him will be Andy Serkis, or Tim Curry.

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Bryan Cranston. God knows he's a great actor, and he looks enough like Hugo to make it work.

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Jared Harris

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excellent idea.

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these are all good ideas Bryan cranston can act very good and he looks like him.

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Brian Blessed

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@The_Tree said:

Jared Harris

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Never thought of him before for the role and now I don't think I can think of anyone else, besides maybe Terry O'Quinn. Excellent choice.

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@The_Tree said:

Jared Harris

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@The_Tree said:

Jared Harris

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That guy who played Rorschach in the watchmen film is actually a bald bearded guy in real life and I've seen him play crazy characters (he was in Shutter Island).

Jackie Earl Haley? I think that's the guy i'm thinking of.

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