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Huey Freeman is a main Character from The Boondocks. Older brother of Riley Freeman.

Character Evolution

Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman

Huey, named after the Black Panther Huey Newton, is a very deep and smart individual for his age. While most kids are out playing with friends and video games, Huey enjoys reflecting on life. He is portrayed as a political radical and somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. Huey most of the times is non violent but when it calls for it he will fight. He is shown to know karate and other forms of martial arts. He is also an exceptional swordsman, and can fight with staffs, nun chucks, and guns too. He was able to hold his own against Stinkmeanor's old crew "The Hateocracy" and Oprah Winfrey's personal bodyguard Bushido Brown. He usually wears a t-shirt, baggy trousers and sneakers.

While young, Huey is very wise. He knew that a plague on chicken was coming and prepared for the worst way before the outbreak occurred. He values doing the right thing and bringing people to justice. However, he has a deep distrust for the American Justice Department and thinks it's a perfect example of Institutional Racism.

Huey is very fond of his friend Jazmine. Huey is very strict, but he allowed Jazmine to join the Freemans during the chicken outbreak.

Huey doesn't follow trends or what others believe either. While his brother Riley is very fond of showing off and having nice clothes and chains, Huey thinks that what he values is foolish. Though he doesn't believe in what Riley believes, he still loves his brother and looks out for him .

Huey is more than capable of being a natural born leader.

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