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    The realm where Hollows and Arrancar live. Hueco Mundo is a dimension where most hollows are from. It never changes to daytime as it's always night.

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    Hueco Mundo (虚圏 (ウェコムンド), Wekomundo; Spanish for 'Hollow World' Japanese for "Hollow Sphere") is the dimension which Hollows and Arrancar Aside. Like Shinigami and Souls residing in the Soul Society. It lies between the World of the Living and Soul Society.

    General Information

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    An unchanging night spread across the sky of the dimension, while an endless moodless sand litters the ground. The landscape is littered with white dunes and boulders from sand. The moon is the opposite of the lunar phase of the World of the Living. The dessert lacks seems to lack liquid. Like the Soul Society, the atmosphere is dense in Reishi which allows small hollows to breathe and live despite the lack of human souls.

    Hollows often dwell below the surface or until something provokes them to leave their shelter. According to Shinigami, hollows dwell in Hueco Mundo no matter the size, shape, or strength.

    Access to Hueco Mundo

    Hueco Mundo is located between the human world and Soul Society, though separated by a border called the Dangai. It can be accessed by traversing the Garganta, a void between the worlds in which the hollows can go through by will.


    Hueco Mundo lacks a formal government unlike that of the Soul Society. In Hueco Mundo, the strongest wield the power.


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    Ten of the most powerful Arrancar. Ranked through 0 through 9 based on their reaitsu. Their ranks are tattooed on a part of their body which varies by the Espada.


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    The underlings who serve the Espada. The Espada are allowed to have as much Fraccion as they want.

    Privaron Espada

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    Arrancar stripped of their Espada rank and given a Tres Cifras rank.


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    A unit responsible for eliminating intruders in Las Noches. They recovered battle records from Arrancar who were defeated.


    Las Noches

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    A series of buildings surrounded by a large dome. Formerly ruled by Barragan, King of Hueco Mundo, it was the headquarters of Sosuke Aizen and his army for a short while

    Forest of Menos

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    Underneath Hueco Mundo is a vast forest where Gillians(Menos Grande) reside. The trees extend to the surface. The adjuchas-class Menos who reside in the forest are under Aizen's control

    Negal Ruins

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    During the Thousand Year blood war, this was Kisuke Urahara's temporary base of operations.

    Additional Information

    Hueco Mundo Arc

    From Volumes 28-35 known as the Hueco Mundo arc, Ichigo and his friends bar Orihime went to Hueco Mundo to attack Las Noches, the arrancars fortress, with the intention of saving Orihime. Later on, in their struggle against the Espada, several captains are placed to assist them.

    Main Conflicts and Battles

    The Privaron Espada's Fights

    • Uryu vs Cirucci - Uryu wins
    • Chad vs Gantenbannie - Chad wins
    • Ichigo vs Dordonni - Ichigo wins

    The Battle against Aaroniero Arruruerie: Rukia defeats the 9th Espada after he tried to trick her disguising himself as a long-lost friend of the shinigami.

    • Rukia nearly dies and Aaroniero dies

    Ichigo vs Grimmjow

    • Grimmjow survives but is fatally injured. Ichigo wins the bout.

    The Battle against Zommari LeRoux: the 7th Espada against Byakuya Kuchiki.

    • Zommari Dies

    The Battle against Szayel Aporro Grantz: one of the longest and most elaborated fights of this Arc, that involved seven different characters.

    • Syazel Dies

    The Battle against Nnoitra Jiruga: Zaraki, Ichigo, and Nelliel vs the 5th Espada. At the end of the confrontation with Jiruga, Aizen set his plan in motion, trapping the Shinigami in the Hueco Mundo, while his main forces attack Earth.

    • Nnoitra Dies

    The Battle against Ulquiorra Schiffer: Ichigo vs the 4th Espada. Takes place during the Winter War.

    • Ichigo overpowers Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra used Ressurreccion, Ichigo is overpowered, Ulquiorra used Resurreccion 2, Ichigo later on dies, Ichigo is revived as a Full hollow, Ichigo kills Ulquiorra and Ulquiorra fades to dust

    The Battle against Yammy Ryalgo: Zaraki, Byakuya & Mayuri vs the Espada Zero. Takes place during the Winter War and the Deicide Arc.

    • Yammy dies

    The arc continues on into the Fake KaraKura Town arc and was preceded by the Arrancar Invasion arc.


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