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Hudson Legend
Hudson Legend

The gargoyle who would become Hudson was born a nameless gargoyle at castle Wyvern, eventually becoming the leader of the Wyvern Clan.  Hudson would eventually be blinded in one of his eyes during a battle with the Archmage, believing with his age and semi-blindness made him unfit to lead, he steps down from the role in favor of the younger Goliath,  who demanded Hudson stay in order to give him advice from all of his years of leadership. 

Eventually the Wyvern clan battles a group of Vikings, and after driving them away Goliath and Hudson pursue them, to drive them further away from the castle, only to realize that it was a trap and the vikings were returning while the gargoyles slept.  Rushing back to the castle they fail to make it in time, and upon sunset when they awaken all but three gargoyles and a gargbeast are all that remain of the clan. The clan then vows vengeance, and pursues the vikings who had kidnapped Princess Katharine, The Magus, and various others who lived in the castle.  The clan then attacks the vikings, but the Magus believing there interference is responsible for Katharine's death curses the present gargoyles to a stone sleep until there castle was raised above the clouds. Eventually the curse is broken when billionaire David Xanatos has the castle moved on top of his building, with the gargoyles awakening that night. Shortly after awakening the clan meets police detective Elisa Maza, who teaches the gargoyles the importance of names, with him taking the name of Hudson, while the trio take the names Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington and the gargbeast taking the name of Bronx.  
Eventually after the clan is attacked by Xanatos's steel clan robots and mange to defeat them, and in the process Xanatos is arrested for stealing stolen property, but with the clan now living with there enemy. So Eliza and Hudson both try to convince Goliath it's best to abandon the castle because of the dangers it presents the clan during the day time. Goliath soon gives in moving with his clan to the clock tower above the police station, where Hudson and Bronx frequently stay while the rest of the clan goes out to patrol the city, while he sit's in his recliner watching television with Bronx by his side to guard their new home. But Hudson still manages to find his own problems, such as struggling with being illiterate, something he solves upon meeting Jeffrey Robbins a blind human, who becomes Hudson's friend, as well as helping him to learn to face his problem. 
 Hudson would soon be given the opportunity to stay young forever, when Xanatos gives him the opportunity to test the cauldron of life, but escapes before being forced to test it.  When Goliath left, he assisted Brooklyn in leading the smaller clan as Brooklyn's second in command, as well as spending more time with Elisa's cat Cagne while she was away with Goliath and Bronx on Avalon.But the trio soon return with a new addition, Goliath's daughter Angela much to Hudson's great surprise that the rookery eggs had survived and hatched.  Soon after the gargoyles return they are faced with Avalon's final challenge, battling with Oberon in order to defends Xanto's son Alex from being taken back to Avalon, which the Manhattan Clan successfully help in doing, with Xanatos personally thanking them and telling the clan he owes them a debt of gratitude he can never repay. 
Hudson is soon forced out of another home, this time by The Hunters who place a tracking device on Goliath, but thanks to Lexington they all managed to get to relative safety. Afterwards Goliath decides it's time to hunt the hunters despite Hudson's warning not to, with the two out of the three hunters realizing that this batch of Gargoyles weren't monsters, when they stop Demona from destroying all life except gargoyles on Earth. After the battle, the Manhattan soon returns to Castle Wyvern forming a truce with Xanatos with them living there once more. 

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