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Not what I expected

So I like Huck, and I love this 1st issue. There is a lighthearted nature to this story (though it probably won't last) that I didn't expect in a story from Millar. The issue is just a great read, it may be about Huck but he is not telling the story which is great as it reflects the mysteriousness surrounding him, but not the normal intense/dangerous mystery but something more sweet and intriguing. I really like how the story unfolds with stories about Huck's actions, and personality. Huck is a great character, though he doesn't say much here but when he does speak it really establishes his kind nature, and his "small town" values, like when he politely asks a kidnapper to take his glasses off before he punches him. The story itself I assume will open up and take us into more "dangerous" plot territory but keeping it grounded and small scale here is really smart and sets this issue apart. I've read some of Millar's work, so my opinion is a little skewed. This story and how it's written isn't like anything Millar has done before. In Kick Ass, Nemesis and to an extent even Superior seem to focus on the worst aspects of life and humanity with a darkness flowing throughout but here Huck represents the antithesis of those stories with kindness flowing throughout. This issue benefits from the small scope, a story that builds on itself that opens up the developing plot, and I love how this captures the sweet and close nature of small towns mixed with the unique aspect of Huck, and the notion of the outside world trying to influence/change this. This story is great, and Huck is a fun character, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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