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    The teleporter Hub was one of the few survivors in Genosha after the Sentinels started to eliminate the entire population of Genosha, around about 16 million of those deceased were mutants.

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    Hub was a young girl whom was one of the few survivors in Genosha after the Sentinels attacks had eliminated almost the entire population of Genosha. Around about 16 million of those deceased were mutants.


    Hub was created by Chris Claremont and Aaron Lopresti and first appeared in Excalibur Vol.2 issue 2 (2004).

    Major Story Arcs

    With Unus

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    Living in the rubble of Genosha, Hub allied herself with Unus the Untouchable and his gang and was considered a very valuable member because of her teleportation powers. But secretly she worked for the mysterious Chimere and only working for Unus to gather Intel. She was best friends with Hack, another Genoshean mutant and the two of them had their doubts about Unus' strategy and leadership.

    M- Day

    She was one of the many mutants who lost her powers during the Decimation. However, Quicksilver offered to re-power those who lost their powers through the Terrigen mists, starting in Genosha, restoring the abilities of the residents. But their abilities were amplified beyond their control leading them to fight with the Inhumans. Her powers faded after the battle. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hub had the ability to teleport herself and others over vast distances. She also had some kind of internal radar enabling her to psionically scan her destination, preventing her to teleport into solid objects and possibly, unlike most teleporters, teleport to destinations she never seen before.

    Hub's teleporting abilities were great. She could teleport across the Atlantic Ocean without strain to herself. She demonstrated this when Unus wanted to know what was happening on the mainland, she would then teleport and get information and bring it back. She can even teleport between mid-air, and at a precise point. She did this when Hack and herself were falling out of an airplane and she told him to wait. She came back to his exact spot and teleported them to safety.

    Alternate Versions

    X-Men: The End

    Hub in X-men - the End
    Hub in X-men - the End

    Hub is an active X-Man here, and she seems to of lead a team consisting of Juggernaut, Polaris, Cargill and Kid Colossus. She dies saving the rest of the entire Earth by transporting the Sjiar known as Plutonia into space before she explodes.


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