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    Notoriously corrupt city and home of The Question.

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    Hub City is located in southern Illinois; it is southeast of St Louis, Missouri and north of Cairo, Illinois; it is based on East St Louis, Illinois. It is widely regarded as one of the, if not the, most corrupt cities in the United States of America, and experienced complete collapses of social order on a fairly regular basis. It was run for some time by Mayor Wesley Fermin, a drunkard who acted mainly as a puppet for various criminal elements in the city. The post was later assumed by his wife, Myra Fermin. It is the home of The Question, who fights to maintain order and expose corruption.

    Other Media


    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Hub City appears in the episode "Fall of the Blue Beetle!" as the home of Ted Kord.



    Hub City is briefly visited by Clark Kent, who travels there to request the help of a doctor for his friend Ryan James in the episode "Ryan".


    Hub City appeared in the episode "Genesis" when Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak visit Esrin Fortuna in order to find a way to counteract Damien Darhk's magic abilities.

    Legends of Tomorrow

    In 1958 when half of the Legends were marooned in the past for two years, Atom & Hawkgirl stayed in Hub City.


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