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    A very powerful and dangerous race, bent on conquering wherever they can. Feared even by Apokolips, they were enemies, and the creators, of the Teen Titans.

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    The H'San Natall is a very powerful and dangerous race, bent on conquering wherever they can. Their sphere of conquered planets numbered in the thousands. To this end, they use all sorts of tactics in invasion - including bio--engineering their own warriors. Years ago, the H'San Natall enslaved a group of Psion scientists. The Psions performed a number of experiments, including bioengineering the bounty hunter known as Jugular.

    Seventeen years ago, the H'San Natall abducted nine woman from Earth. Each were brought aboard a ship and subjected to scientific testing and impregnation. All but one of these women ( Prysm's mother, who would become Queen) were released with their memories wiped clean. Nine months later, on June 21st, the H'San Natall/human hybrids were born. These children were a new breed of sleeper agents. Their powers lay dormant until their sixteenth birthdays.

    Around that time, the H'San Natall planned to abduct the children and bring them back to the planet Titan for mental conditioning. After that, they would return to earth to battle meta-humans of Earth, defeating them before the H'San Natall would arrive to conquer the planet. The H'San Natall were only successful in capturing three of their 'agents': Isaiah Crockett (who would later become Joto and Hotspot), Toni Monetti (who would later become Argent), and Cody Driscoll (who would later become Risk).

    Just before Crockett was abducted, the Atom was caught in the energy stream and was transported as well. Once on the alien ship they meet and rescue another Earth girl (who would later become Prysm) who was raised in a virtual reality environment that mimics life on Earth (based on olf TV shows from the 50's). The group of teenagers were able to escape the aliens and return to Earth.

    During the adventure, the teens learned of their origins. They stayed together, and with the funding of Loren Jupiter, became the latest incarnation of the Teen Titans. Atom decided to remain on the team to learn how to readjust to his life as a teenager.

    The H'San Natall used a group called the Veil as a front for their objectives. On the outside, the Veil was an organization with one objective: to eliminate all alien influence from the planet Earth. In actuality, its leader Pylon was a member of the H'San Natall. He was also assumed the identity of Garrison James, and aide to Congressman Dumont. Using his influence as an aide, Pylon was able to completely discredit the Teen Titans.

    The Teen Titans were captured and brought to a H'San Natall ship for reprogramming as they planned the invasion on Earth. Superman, Changeling, and Captain Marvel Jr. were able to help rescue the Teen Titans. Although King Ch'Ah wanted to bring back their progeny back to their homeworld, Superman threatened to bring their mothership down if they continued any further acts of aggression. King Ch'ah stood down. Only Prysm and Fringe elected to return to the homeworld.


    The H'San Natall society is composed of different classes, including but not limited to Technocrats, Workers, The Warrior Class, and the Ruling Class. Not all H'San Natall look alike. N'Takki (also known as Pylon) is part of the warrior cast, and has a ough leathery gray skin with horns protruding. Prysm's father, King Ch'Ah of the H'San Natall, resembes Prysm in appearance. His outer skin is glass-like and reflective to light. It is unknown what other member of the H'San Natall look alike..

    Sleeper Agents

    Nine children were meant to be a new breed of sleeper agents. Their powers lay dormant until their sixteenth birthdays. The only agents accounted for are Risk, Argent, Joto, Prysm, Fringe and Scorcher (of Dark Nemesis), leaving three H'San Natall/human hybrids unaccounted for.


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