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Five years after sending Hawkgirl to Earth on an espionage mission, he came with his forces under the pretense of offering to strengthen Earth's defenses against a possible Gordanian attack. In reality, though, his forces enslaved the citizens of Earth while he was planning to destroy the Earth in order to use it as a hyperspace bypass to reach the Gordanian homeworld and end the war between the two races sooner. Shayera began to see how heartless her commander and fiancee became and informed the Justice League whom she betrayed about his plans, only to be branded as a traitor to both her own people and the League.

During a battle between himself and Green Lantern, Shayera stepped in to try reasoning with Talak, but he was beyond the point of listening to her, brutally beating her. John then tricked Talak into destroying the force field that protected the deactivation switch. After the generator bypass was destroyed, Talak declared defeat and his forces retreated from Earth.

Without the defenses set up, the Thanagarians lost the war with the Gordanians. With his last breath, he used his ship to destroy the Gordanian flagship.

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