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    Hraalkar was a rookie Green Lantern assigned to Space Sector 743. He was requisitioned against his will by Alpha Lantern Varix and turned into an Alpha Lantern.

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    Rookie Green Lantern - Current Alpha Lantern
    Status: Active
    Space Sector: 743
    Sector Partner:
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Predecessor: Unknown
    Successor: Inapplicable 
    Haarlkar was a rookie Green Lantern inducted into the Corps shortly before the events of the Blackest Night. He is a feline humanoid, with a catlike appearance. He was assigned to Space Sector 743 under the guidance of his senior partner Glibberquip.  
    Hraalkar was among the first Lanterns to witness the destruction of Oa's protective shell by the swarm of Black Lantern rings sent to corrupt the Crypts of Oa. Although all present were shocked Hraalkar was the first to voice those concerns asking aloud "what do we do now?" 
    His uncertain question was swiftly addressed by Guy Gardner who gruffly told all of the rookies that they do what Green Lanterns' do; pick up their damn boots and "keep on, keepin on". Hraalkar was still amazed by the shell's destruction, prompting  Honor Guard Kyle Rayner to  remark that "anything that can be made can be unmade." 
    The Black ring swarm invaded the Crypts, prompting one of the most destructive events in Corps history. Thousands of deceased Green Lanterns emerged from their resting place, intent on destroying the Central Power Battery and all those who guarded it.  
    The Black Lanterns of the Crypts were soon joined by more Black Lantern coming from all corners of the universe. A legendary battle took place, the results of which left many Lanterns dead and Oa in near ruins.  
    During the battle Hraalkar suffered a serious wound defending the Central Power Battery.  After Nekron was defeated and the Blackest Night had come to an end, Hraalkar remained in the Corp Barracks to heal his injuries. 
    During one fitful night of sleep Haarlkar had a nightmare replaying the day the Black Lanterns attacked. It was revealed that Hraalkar had been seriously wounded in him arm and side but had bravely tried to stay in the fight. 
    The dream continued, replaying how Haarlkar's partner Glibberquip ignored the rookie’s protests and insisted that he head to the infirmary for treatment. Glibberquip wrapped Hraalkar in a bubble construct and sent him off to the infirmary, darkly joking that they didn't need another Black Lanterns joining the ranks.  
     Haarlkar's dream turned to a dark and bloody infirmary. He appeared alone, and called out for help. Suddenly, a Black Lantern version of Kilowog jumped out at Haarlkar, shocking the Lantern from his dream.

    Haarlkar awoke to find himself in bed safely on Oa. Although his heart was pounding, Haarlkar was clearly relieved that he had only had a dream. Before he could return to sleep, Haarlkar was unexpected yanked from bed and pulled through an open window by the Alpha Lantern Varix . Varix stated that Haarlkar that "had the capacity to enforce justice" and informed him that he had been "requisitioned' by the Alpha Lantern Corps. Varix flew the rookie Lantern off into the night, as Haarlkar let out a frightened scream.

    Days passed, and Glibberquip grew concerned over his missing partner. He searched Haarlkar's home world, as well as ten other planets in Sector 743, but could not locate Haarlkar anywhere.  
    Glibberquip viewed his partner as his responsibility and appealed to Corps Administrator Salaak for aid in finding Haarlkar. Haarlkar's ring had not reported in that he was dead or injured, leaving Salaak to dismissively conclude that Haarlkar was intentionally avoiding his partner.  
    Salaak callous remarks prompted Glipperquip to direct his ring to play back all interaction between him and Haarlkar. Glibberquip order the ring to identify any possible occasions where he could have inadvertently insulted his partner.  
    Before the ring could carry out this command Glibberquip spotted Haarlkar in the company of Alpha Lanterns Varix and Green Man. He quickly approached Haarlkar calling out to his partner, but as the rookie turned Glibberquip was shocked to find that Haarlkar had undergone the radical surgery required to be transformed into an Alpha Lantern.    
    Haarlkar appeared as a monsterous robotic version of his former self. His face had been replaced with a distorted metal faceplate that approximated his catlike features. His internal organs were removed and repalced by a Power Battery. Finally his body was armored and his right arm charged with crackling green energy.
    The three Alpha Lanterns turned to Glibberquip and robotically repeated the mantra spoken to Haarlkar a few nights earlier, "you have been requisitioned by the Alpha Lanterns." Presumably, Glibberquip will share the same fate of his partner, revealing a deadly malfunction in the Alpha Lanterns programming.        

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