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    A Good Issue

    I Liked this comic pretty well. The story is obviously strange (I mean, it's Howard The Duck.) I liked the art, it felt like a throwback to the 90's style, and the villain was pretty funny. It gets a bit gratuitous, but it's Marvel MAX, it's supposed to be rated R. So if you are uncomfortable with things like that, than this, and all of Marvel MAX comics are clearly not for you. Other than that, there really isn't much else to say about this issue, I mean, it's pretty much just an exploration of the bizarre and finding humor in it, which is pretty much just what Howard The Duck has always been. So there really isn't much else to say about Howard The Duck himself in general, he's just a strange obscure Marvel character that they can pretty much do whatever they want with just because barely anyone cares. However, this doesn't make it a bad thing, in fact it just makes for more experimentation and new ideas, which are all the more interesting. So, in the end, this comic, and all of Howard The Duck, is just a very strange, very obscure and very interesting ride through different, experimental ideas.

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