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The Punisher (2004 Film)

Howard Saint is played by John Travolta. Th grudge between Saint and Castle started when Bobby Saint and Mickey Duka meet Castle who is posing as Otto Krieg, a European arms dealer at the Tampa Seaport. The transaction is blown when the FBI start their raid too early. Bobby is killed in the crossfire and Castle's death is fabricated. Bobby's twin brother Johnny delivers the sad news to his parents. Howard bails out Mickey to learn exactly what happened and he kills Bobby's bodyguard who was supposed to watch over him.

Howard goes to verify his son's body at the local morgue and is met by Castle's former partner. Howard bribes Castle's former partner and learns where Castle's current location is. During Bobby's funeral, Howard and his wife Livia order Howard's right-hand man Quentin Glass to kill not only Castle but his entire family. After the Castle massacre, Howard and his family celebrate that their son has been avenged.

Castle actually survived and kidnapped Mickey Duka to get information out of him about the Saints. Frank confronts his partner for his treachery and in a fit of guilt, his partner commits suicide. Afterwards, Frank sabotages Saint's money-laundering scheme that he had established with the Toro Brothers, a pair of Cuban mobsters. Frank also gets incriminating photos of Glass that he has been carrying on a homosexual affair with another mobster and incriminates Livia by making it seem like she has been having an affair with Glass.

Castle makes his presence known to Saint when he drops his tombstone on Saint's private golf course. Glass hires Harry Heck to eliminate Castle and when he fails, Howard orders Glass to call in the Russian. The Russian doesn't fare any better than Harry Heck but he does manage to severely wound Castle. Joan mends Castle's wounds while Bumpo and Dave try to deter Quentin who just arrived to see if the Russian was successful. Quentin tortures Spacker Dave but Dave doesn't give up Castle. Frank and Mickey put their plan to destroy the Saints into action.

Mickey plants the seeds of deception into Howard's mind that Livia has been unfaithful and she has been carrying on an affair with Glass. Howard kills Glass by sticking him with a blade and causing him to bleed out. Howard then drags Livia to Little Cuba and drops her off a bridge. Livia survives the fall but realizes that she has fallen onto the train tracks. An oncoming train comes rushing by and crushes Livia. Frank attacks Howard and his gang at Howard's nightclub "Saints and Sinners". Howard's crew is taken out and Johnny Saint is left incapacitated.

Frank ties an 8 lb. trip-wire grenade to Johnny's outstretched hand but Johnny couldn't hold on forever and he is blown to pieces. Frank finds Howard limping away from the nightclub to the parking lot. Frank shoots Howard in both his kneecaps. Frank ties Howard to the bumper of a car and shows Howard he manipulated him into killing Glass and Livia. Frank then activates the car and the car slowly rolls into the parking lot. As Howard cries out in grief, Frank activates the charges he set to the other cars in the parking lot. Howard is engulfed in flames and the burning display in the parking lot culminates in the shape of Frank's iconic skull.


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