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Setting Up Shop

In House Of  M: Masters Of Evil, the spotlight shines on villians.  The Hood gathers a group of 'sapien' anti-social types in an effort to accomplish something they all have a problem with, winning.  The gathered villians listen to the plan, and Bushwhacker ends up dead when he objects to the Hood's leadership.  The group raids a Sentinel microchip factory, destroying two of the robots in the process.  Afterwards, the group celebrates and, Parker Robbins wonders if this could become more than just a simple heist. 
Okay, this story takes palce in an alternate reality, I think.  When reading an alternate reality story, I like to see some changes made.  This is basically the story of the Hood and his 'army' from the Marvel Universe proper (616).  Nearly all are members are in both realities.  They reveal the Hood's problems in his personal life, basically the same.  Other than a couple of costume changes and Bushwhacker getting whacked (cue rimshot) not much going on.  The art was eh...okay with a large amount of the details left to colorist Nathan Fairburn.   
Obviously, like most first issues, this was a set up story.  The Hood appears to be rethinking what he wants to accomplish, and that appears to be what the series will revolve around.  
Was this worth the $3.99?  No. I haven't been this disappointed after reading an issue in awhile now.  You can probably just skip to issue two and save 20 minutes of your life.  I give it 2 out 5.

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