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On Miraclo

It´s very unnusual to have a super hero comic book that ultimately isn´t precisely about super hero stuff in it´s core, let me explain and formulate better, instead of putting Hourman exclusively in missions, figthing crime, defeating super villains, in other words, doing all that super hero business, Tom Peyer decided to intercalate these moments with "regular ones" per say, stories and dialogues of instrospection, of Hourman struggling with his recent condition of sharing the thoughts and feelings of the original Hourman (he´s the matrix of the android and after he took the Miraclo pill, something triggered inside of him, making Rex Tyler very much alive in his circuits and "heart"), and this peculiar aproach of the writing makes this series a very intelligent, mature, emotional and serious, even if it´s about super heroes (usually you have a comic with these characteristcs in a Vertigo or a MR book, not in a super hero) - this issue is fosused on how Hourman deals with Rex´ widow and son, in a chain of intricated dialogues, so concise and deep, making Rags Morales art a perfect match for all the emotional background, because he captures the essence and the perfect timing of everything that´s happening - the only bad thing about this issue is the final solution that Hourman comes up for Rick, since he can´t cure him of his condition. Nonetheless, this was an amazing issue, very interesting and highly recommended for those comic book apreciators that are looking for that extra topping in your comic menu!
4.5 out 5

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