Hourman #9

    Hourman » Hourman #9 - Where Does The Time Go? released by DC Comics on December 1999.

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    “WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?” The newest Hourman faces the former Hourman! Rex Tyler—the Golden Age Hourman—is dead, but his son Rick, who fought as Hourman in Infinity Inc., is still around. Dying of leukemia, he’s furious that some upstart android seemingly has stolen his legacy. Now he’s taken his last remaining dose of Miraclo and set off to kill the star of our series!

    Wendi Harris surveys the damage done to the Tyler manor by the hallucinating android Hourman. Frustrated that someone unknown has taken the Hourman name from her deceased husband and bedridden son, she consoles herself with ice cream watching footage of the golden age Hourman. The android Hourman appears through the wall, and asks Wendi for forgiveness for damaging the manor. Wendi refuses to even acknowledge him until Hourman accidentally says something that the first Hourman would routinely tell her. Shocked, Wendi asks Hourman if he is really her dead husband Rex Tyler. Hourman tells Wendi that he had absorbed Rex’s memories during his hallucination.

    In order to help Wendi, Hourman takes the two of them back to the past, to a point right before her son Rick’s birth. Wendi and Hourman take a tour of the old manor house. Wendi is appreciative of what Hourman has done, but asks Hourman if he could return Rick to her. Hourman reveals that he has the knowledge to cure leukemia, as well as most other diseases, but he dares not change history. However, he has absorbed Rex’s memories, and loves Rick as much as Rex did. He decides to cure Rick Tyler.

    Wendi and Hourman go to Rick’s hospital bed. Rick is disgusted that this android has taken the name Hourman, but is willing to forgive him if he can provide a cure. Hourman scans Rick’s body, and finds out that he does not have leukemia; in fact, it is no disease that he has ever seen on record. Wendi is heartbroken, and an irate Rick kicks them out.

    At wits end, Rick pulls out two pills of Miraclo he had smuggled into the hospital. He takes the pills, pulls out his old Hourman costume from his Infinity Inc. days, and leaves the hospital on the hunt for the android Hourman. Wendi brings Hourman to Tyler Chemical, where Rick finds them. Now armed with superhuman strength, Rick attacks Hourman.

    Rick, deranged, presses the attack. Wendi tries to get him to stop, but he rails against Hourman and the android’s attempt to take their name. Hourman uses his time vision to age Rick past the hour that the Miraclo would affect him. Now powerless, he collapses on the ground in pain. Not knowing what o do, Hourman sends Rick Tyler to the Timepoint, a point of time in 1963 created by the Lord of Time where time stands still. While there, Rick would not die from disease, but he would be imprisoned outside of time.



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    On Miraclo 0

    It´s very unnusual to have a super hero comic book that ultimately isn´t precisely about super hero stuff in it´s core, let me explain and formulate better, instead of putting Hourman exclusively in missions, figthing crime, defeating super villains, in other words, doing all that super hero business, Tom Peyer decided to intercalate these moments with "regular ones" per say, stories and dialogues of instrospection, of Hourman struggling with his recent condition of sharing the thoughts and feel...

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