Hourman #8

    Hourman » Hourman #8 - A Week With No Hourman released by DC Comics on November 1999.

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    “A WEEK WITH NO HOURMAN!” As the Day of Judgment rages across the Earth, the normally quiet town of Happy Harbor is besieged by a host of demons escaped from the netherworld! But with Hourman away on a mission through time, the job of saving his hometown falls to Happy Harbor’s biggest slacker, Snapper Carr, and his secret weapon—a slice of cheesecake?! How will DC’s trippiest new series adjust to the changes brought on by the year’s biggest crossover?

    A Day of Judgment crossover issue. With Hourman gone for a week, Snapper Carr tries to keep himself occupied. The world is in the midst of the Day of Judgment, and a grumpy Snapper heads to his favorite haunt, the Mad Yak Café. However, everyone there is just as grumpy as he is. The customers watch as the various heroes face an onslaught of demons. Snapper’s ex-wife and best friend Bethany Lee arrives, and doesn’t speak to Snapper at all. Snapper falls into a funk.

    In his funk, Snapper reminisces back to when he was kicked out of the Justice League. He remembers how disappointed the Leaguers were that he betrayed them to the Joker, regardless of whether he was tricked or not. In this hallucination, Snapper is confronted by his two futures: one where he is a wash-up, and one where he stays with the Justice League and becomes a super-hero. Snapper breaks himself out of this hallucination, and finds that people’s tempers are getting worse.

    When Snapper finally snaps over the lack of coffee, he realizes what is going on. Using knowledge he gained from Felix Faust’s books, Snapper draws a pentagram out of ketchup on the ground, and forces the demons in the room to become visible. Sure enough, everyone in the room has a demon sitting on their shoulders whispering into their ears.

    Snapper confronts the demon on his shoulders, named Torcher. He eventually convinces Torcher to tase cheesecake. Torcher falls in love with cheesecake, and Snapper tells him he’ll get more if he destroys the other demons. Torcher’s flaming breath disintegrates the other demons. In reward, Bethany welcomes him to stay at the Mad Yak Café, and gives him more cheesecake.

    Meanwhile, Wendi Harris is with her bed-ridden son Rick Tyler, who was once the second Hourman. She tells Rick that the manor was damaged, and that the party responsible went by the name Hourman. Angered by someone taking both his and his father’s name, Rick vows to kill him.


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    Demons and Changes 0

    One of the coolest things about this series is how Tom Peyer keeps alive pieces of old arc stories while delivering every single issue a different and new story, usually a self contained one, so it´s very good reading a comic book that you can fully understand in one issue, without the constant need of buying 3 to 5 issues in a role to understand a story and apreciate the characters, here is totally different, even when Hourman is out (he time travelled to next week), Snapper and his friends at ...

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