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“JLANDROIDS.” The JLA guest-stars in part one of the two-part “The JLAndroids”! Hourman’s archnemesis, Amazo, returns, and this time he’s not stealing superpowers, he’s stealing humanity! He’s taken the Justice League’s most formidable character traits—Batman’s cunning, Green Lantern’s willpower, etc.—leaving the World’s Greatest Super Heroes as soulless automatons. Only Hourman can stop Amazo, but first he’ll have to defeat the JLAndroids...alone!

Following his destruction of Rex Tyler’s estate last issue, Hourman has been attacked by the JLAndroids. Hourman has used his time powers to determine that these are not androids of the JLA, but rather the JLA has been transformed into androids. Hourman tries to outrun these android teammates at first, but finds that the android JLA are just as formidable as their human counterparts.

Hourman surrenders, but then finds that his crime for damaging the Tyler manor is to me disassembled. He again puts up a fight, when Amazo arrives. The android Justice League split their forces to deal with Hourman and Amazo, and Hourman finds that, without teamwork, they do not function nearly as well as they should. Amazo defeats the android JLA easily, and reveals that he is behind the JLA’s fate.

Amazo takes Hourman to a local hospital’s maternity ward. He asks Hourman to punch him, and Hourman accepts his request. After Hourman punches him, Amazo reveals that he is bleeding. Amazo has discovered a way to absorb more than just super-powers: he can now absorb someone’s humanity. He demonstrates by absorbing the humanity of two infants, turning them into androids as well. Hourman tries to attack, but this new Amazo is too much for him. Amazo leaves, with the intention of finally destroying the Justice League.

Hourman returns to Snapper Carr and Bethany, where the cops try to arrest him for the damage done at the Tyler manor. Hourman avoids arrest, and takes Snapper with him to help defeat Amazo. However, before they could get too far, Amazo arrives and steals Snapper’s humanity, transforming Snapper into an android as well.



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Stealing Humanity Away 0

Hourman jsut took a Miraclo Pill (last issue) and when the high went off, he waked up facing the JLA who has been turned into androids (?), now he must face them - carefully, because they´re his friends - while dealing with the threat of Amazo (beaten in issue # 1) - one of the best things about this ongoing series is how Peyer defined the narrative structure and pace, by making Snnaper the omniscient narrator, letting a lot of space for Rags Morales to operate in the action scenes and boosting ...

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