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“THE DEATH OF HOURMAN.” A critical turning point for the Man of the Hour! He’s fought Amazo, cheated death with Tomorrow Woman and gone toe-to-toe with the Lord of Time. Now Hourman faces his greatest challenge yet: reliving the entire life of the original Hourman, Rex Tyler, in a single hour! As he takes the last of Rex Tyler’s Miraclo pills, the legacy of the Golden Age, his place in the new JSA and his quest to experience what it is to be human all come together in 60 unbelievable minutes.

Hourman, Snapper Carr, and Bethany Lee are at the Tyler manor, where Snapper has convinced Hourman into taking some Miraclo. Hourman does, and starts going into hallucinatory fits. During them, he lives an overly-exaggerated version of the life of the first Hourman, Rex Tyler.

Hourman is living his predecessor’s life through surreal circumstances. Snapper Carr appears in the hallucination in a 1940’s zoot suit, trying to help guide him out of it. Meanwhile Hourman relives various events of the first Hourman’s life, including a fight with Dr. Togg and his Gambezis, Tyler’s early childhood, his time at college, his work at Bannermain Chemical, his adventures with the Justice Society, dating Wendi Harris and the birth of his son Rick, Rick taking the Hourman name, Rick’s battle with leukemia, and Tyler’s death at the hands of Extant.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Hourman is going on a rampage, destroying the Tyler manor. Snapper and Bethany try to lay low to avoid being hurt. Back at Snapper’s home, Amazo has returned.

In the hallucination, Hourman is experiencing what it means to be human through the hallucinations, realizing the love and hate he feels, as Tyler, for Wendi and Rick. Once his hour is up, Hourman awakens from his hallucination to find that he has destroyed a portion of the Tyler manor. In response, the JLA shows up; however, instead of the real JLA, we find that these are android versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Plastic Man.


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Becoming Hourman 0

If the objective here was to transmit to readers what would be like having an android over the effects of Peyotes or other Lysergic substances, Peyer did an excellent job and at the same time left plenty of room for Morales to do a homage to the first Hourman and the rustic old way of penciling comic books of the 40s. This is what I´m talking about when I say that this book is more about the main character Hourman discovering his humanity and if he´s worthy of living among the humans (or he´ll d...

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