Hourman #24

    Hourman » Hourman #24 - Minutes To Go released by DC Comics on March 2001.

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    Hourman’s road trip through time continues, even as his circle of friends is falling apart! The shocking truth about Bethany’s future husband hit them all hard, and now Dr. Togg and Torcher are set to betray Hourman! Meanwhile, Hourman’s builder, original Hourman Rex Tyler, wages a fight to repossess and destroy the reluctant android hero!

    The issue opens on September 21, 1969, where Rex Tyler, owner of Tyler Chemical, is in a meeting with his advertising team. Rex finds himself snappy and standoffish. After the meeting, Rex’s wife Wendi and their baby son Rick arrive for a visit. Rex snaps at baby Rick, and Wendi confronts him. While Wendi thinks there’s another woman in the picture, we find that something else is pulling Rex apart at the seams. Wendi leaves in tears, and Rex changes into Hourman. Hourman thinks it may be the Miraclo causing this, and vows to find out what is going on with his moodswings.

    Hourman goes to the Tower of Fate, to visit his old friend and teammate Dr. Fate. Hourman hopes to find out what is happening, and asks Fate to use his magic. Rex reveals that he has been experiencing blackouts, some of them lasting entire weekends. Dr. Fate sees that Hourman’s soul is untouched, which means magic is not behind it. Still, he vows, to help, and says that he will arrive at the Tyler manor Friday night as Kent Nelson.

    That Friday, Kent Nelson, Rex, and Wendi have a get together. Rex snaps at Wendi over the prior incident, and decides to leave for the bathroom. When he does not return, Kent dons the Helm of Nabu to find out if Rex is OK, only to find that Rex is not in existence anymore.

    Unbeknownst to Dr. Fate and Wendi, Rex has been brought through hypertime to the 853rd century. We find out that the android employees of Tyler Chemorobotics have been bringing Rex into the future to run the company. The android employees, led by the “Foreman,” bring Rex from the past to help solve problems when they arise. They drug him with Miracoffee, which increases his intelligence. Then, when they are finished with him, they wipe his mind and send him back to the past.

    After his Miracoffee, Rex remembers this piece of his history, and begins work where he left off. His last issue is to address his latest creation, the android Hourman, and his squandering of his potential to be a hero. Angered again, Rex steals Hourman off the deck of his Timeship and brings him to Tyler Chemorobotics.

    The android finally meets his genefather, and realizes that Rex is his actual creator. Rex attacks him, but Hourman freezes him in his tracks. Hourman realizes that the true culprit is the Foreman and the workers of Tyler Chemorobotics. He tells the Foreman that he had no right to steal Rex from the past, and in doing so, caused tremendous emotional problems for Rex. Hourman says that he is the true heir to the Tyler name, and forces the Foreman to return Rex to the past, erasing any piece of this memory. Hourman takes control of the company, and returns to the Timeship.

    In 1969, Rex returns from the future to a waiting Wendi and Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate uses his magic to detect that something has erased the disturbances, and Rex happily makes up with Wendi.


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