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The issue opens in Hourman’s Century of Solitude. He has retreated to the century, and has been sulking for days. Not knowing what to do, his servants call upon crusty Old Doc Tyler, an expert psychotherapist. Her expertise is shock therapy, and she hooks an unwitting Hourman up to her machine.
Old Doc Tyler uses her machine to view Hourman’s past. She sees Hourman’s meeting with Jay Garrick last issue, and how it ends. Hourman and Jay confront future Hourman, who uses his ability to make Jay take his side instead of our Hourman’s.
Hourman now realizes that future Hourman was not him. After punishing Old Doc Tyler for her cynicism, Hourman returns to the 20th century to confront future Hourman. Future Hourman reveals himself to be Amazo, and laughs about the fact that he has now taken over Hourman’s life. Hourman, however, is very happy. Feeling that the ends justified the means, he reveals how happy he is that Amazo is doing good pretending to be Hourman than the evil he does as Amazo. Hourman is ready to leave his life in Amazo’s hands, until Amazo reveals that he has killed Snapper Carr. Hourman goes wild, and attacks Amazo, merging in with Amazo.
Back in the past on the planet Cairn, Vril Dox of the L.E.G.I.O.N. is supplying Snapper Carr with new hands. These new hands do not allow him to teleport anymore, but Snapper is still content. Hourman arrives in the past, wired together with Amazo’s brain. He is ready to bring Snapper home. 

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