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Coffee and Pie

While Hourman is struggling with the hard truth of being outranked by his own future self, Snapper must survive Amazo´s attack on his life, using his snapping powers to teleport and his crazy crave for coffee (?) - though this was an interesting issue, especially for the break in routine (?) for Snapper (he must deal with problems on his own now), with spectacular art by Howard Porter (the first 9 pages) and Jason Orfalas, I really didn´t like some of the dialogues between Hourman and Flash (Jay), I´m kind of getting bored by the fact that he´s such a crying baby: come one android, stand up for yourself, ´cause no one else will do it for you!! So this is a splited issue to me: at one hand I loved seeing all the action involving Snapper, but in the other hand (I´m saying hands because something real bad is related to them) I think Hourman´s part in this story is really bad.
3.5 out 5

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