Hourman #20

    Hourman » Hourman #20 - My So-Called Afterlife released by DC Comics on November 2000.

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    “MY SO-CALLED AFTERLIFE.” Snapper is in the past, dealing with a nightmarish event in his life, and Hourman is running away from his problems while Amazo is stealing Hourman’s life.

    The issue opens on a Khund dreadnought, speeding through space. The Khunds are chasing Snapper Carr, who is captaining his own ship. Snapper is trying to figure out what is happening right now, because reality does not seem right. The Khunds target and destroy Snapper’s ship, but teleport Snapper aboard before it is destroyed.

    Snapper realizes he is on the Khund ship, and uses his teleport powers to escape over to another ship, with a Khund captive in tow. They have teleported over to a ship manned by sentient lizard-like creatures who have sided with the Khunds. Snapper makes short work of the lizardfolk, but his Khund prisoner is killed. There are Khunds aboard the ship, and they capture Snapper, locking his fingers to prevent him from teleporting.

    Back on Earth, we find that Amazo, posing as future Hourman, has killed Snapper. However, no one has noticed. Amazo has been using the time-manipulation abilities he stole from Hourman to pose as future Hourman. There, he has tricked Bethany Lee, Wendi Harris, and Rick Tyler into thinking he is their friend. In fact, he has bewitched most of the Mad Yak Café crew.

    Back on the Khund ship, Snapper is in stocks. He is trying to figure out what is happening. One minute, he is being killed by Hourman, the next he is aboard a Khund ship from his past as a member of the Blasters. He realizes that he has always been a disappointment to his friends: first the Justice League, then the Blasters. Khunds approach, and release Snapper for some torture.

    On Earth, our Hourman, not realizing that future Hourman is Amazo, approaches his former teammate Flash Jay Garrick about how to speak with future Hourman. Future Hourman has been movin gin on his girlfriend and his life, but our Hourman is not sure how to handle that. Flash tries to convince our Hourman to just talk with his future self, but Hourman leaves, thinking that Jay doesn’t truly understand his predicament. Jay tries to stop Hourman from leaving. As an attention-getter, Jay whips his hat at Hourman, which slices at superhuman speed into his face. Hourman pulls out the wedged hat, and his self-repair systems begin to fix his face. Jay offers to come with Hourman when he confronts his future self.

    Back on the Khund ship, the Khunds have begun their torture of Snapper. Snapper remembers the chamber they are in, and panics. This is most definitely an event from his past. He realizes what Amazo has done: he not only killed Snapper’s body, but he sent his mind back along his own timeline to the worst point in his history. Snapper screams as the Khunds cut Snapper’s hands off.


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    Coffee and Pie 0

    While Hourman is struggling with the hard truth of being outranked by his own future self, Snapper must survive Amazo´s attack on his life, using his snapping powers to teleport and his crazy crave for coffee (?) - though this was an interesting issue, especially for the break in routine (?) for Snapper (he must deal with problems on his own now), with spectacular art by Howard Porter (the first 9 pages) and Jason Orfalas, I really didn´t like some of the dialogues between Hourman and Flash (Jay...

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