Hourman #2

    Hourman » Hourman #2 - Romancing the Tombstone released by DC Comics on May 1999.

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    “ROMANCING THE TOMBSTONE.” Hourman brings Tomorrow Woman back to life to explain androids to him and restores Bethany.

    Continued from last issue, toddler Bethany is picked up by Happy Harbor police officer Gary Lenin. Lenin contacts his boss, the “ Big Chief,” and the two immediately suspect Snapper Carr is involved, as well as involved with the disappearance of her daughter Bethany.

    The next morning, Hourman and Snapper Carr awake. Hourman leaves, off to continue to find his place in this world. Carr is approached by Lenin and toddler Bethany. Lenin is under orders to wait there for the Big Chief to show up, but Snapper blows him off.

    Hourman heads to the Justice League Watchtower, to speak with Martian Manhunter. He tells the Manhunter of how he abandoned the Worlogog and his near-omnipotence. Trying to continue his search for his purpose, he decides to visit to the creator of Amazo: Professor Ivo. Hourman visits Ivo in Belle Reve prison. Hourman confronts Ivo about creating the first android, and wonders why he made him soulless and evil. Ivo tells Hourman about an android created with a soul: Tomorrow Woman. Hourman leaves to continue his quest.

    As the Big Chief catches up with Snapper, Lenin, and toddler Bethany, Hourman arrives at Valhalla cemetery. Hourman uses his Time-Vision to pull Tomorrow Woman from the past for an hour. She returns, sees her monument at Valhalla, and cries. She is happy that someone felt she deserved a proper burial.

    Big Chief has brought everyone back to the station, where she asks Snapper where Bethany has disappeared to. Snapper has no answer, so Big Chief books him on murder. Lenin hesitantly agrees.

    Hourman and Tomorrow Woman talk as they go save lives. Hourman is worried about his programming: whether evil is part of their programming. Tomorrow Woman says that the best way to combat evil is to be good. The two stop a store robbery, and make their way to the Happy Harbor police station. When they arrive, they find Snapper getting his mug shot. When Snapper reveals that he’s been arrested for Bethany’s disappearance, Tomorrow Woman uses her telepathy to recognize that Bethany is the toddler. Big Chief finally recognizes that her daughter has been transformed into a toddler, and is overjoyed.

    Hourman uses his abilities to return Bethany to her rightful age, just as the hour is up and Tomorrow Woman fades. Bethany is angry at her mother, who has been after Snapper ever since Snapper and Bethany were married. Hourman, saddened that he did not get a last moment with Tomorrow Woman, returns to Valhalla, and tries to understand the lesson she gave him.



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    Are androids evil? 0

    In a quest for self knowledge about his true nature - if androids are able to being good - Hourman discovers beauty and redemption, getting closer to understand one of the multiple facets of humankind: compassion and care. This was another well writen issue, mixing elements of fun, action, emotion and everyday routine (like waking up, drinking some coffee etc) and great interactions with the characters involved - this chemistry between Snnaper and Hourman is excellent and it works pretty good ev...

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