Hourman #17

    Hourman » Hourman #17 - One Hundred Years of Solitude released by DC Comics on August 2000.

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    “One Hundred Years of Solitude” finds our time-twisting hero in the weirdest romantic triangle imaginable, competing for Beth’s affections with his own future self! Will Beth stick with the sweet, naive Tyler, or fall for the smooth, more “mature” moves of Future Ty? Also this issue, Hourman journeys to his “Century of Solitude” (an isolated block of time in which everyone and everything is devoted to Hourman), and we see the mysterious arrival of the all-new...Hourdog!

    To his shock, Hourman walks in on his girlfriend Bethany on a date with Hourman! The version of Hourman from the future (last seen in issue #4) has come to our time in order to visit Bethany. Hourman becomes jealous of his future self, and storms away. Bethany wants future Hourman to reconcile with our Hourman.

    Frustrated, our Hourman goes to his new fortress of solitude, a locked and abandoned shed, to contemplate what it means to be in the 21 century. He is interrupted by a black dog with an hourglass collar. Suspicious, Hourman investigates to find that future Hourman is playing a trick on him. Future Hourman tells him that he’s “mastered the letter of the law, while its spirit whizzes over your head.”

    In order to make him feel better, future Hourman brings our Hourman to a century where Hourman is worshipped. Everything in this century has an Hourman theme. Evidently, Earth has set aside a hundred years of culture for Hourman, in honor. Future Hourman leaves our Hourman with an Hourgirl in that century.

    Future Hourman returns to our time, in order to get together with Bethany again. Bethany, though, is turned off by the pushier future Hourman. After she brushes him off, she goes outside to find a black dog with an hourglass collar waiting for her. She enjoys the dog’s company.

    Hourgirl takes Hourman on a tour of his century of solitude, and gives him a watch that will allow him to return whenever he wants. Hourman returns to his shed in shock.



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    The Hourman Century 0

    I understand the line of thought that the writer has drawn for the series, his attempt of giving humanity at all cost to Hourman, by making him experience all the aspects of what means being a super hero, including having a secret identity, and from this point this issue was very interesting, unfortunately the way Peyer designed this issue, all the frenzy that´s happening, an Hourman of the future appearing from nowhere (or nowhen), strange dialogues with Bethany, all this make this issue diffic...

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