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A Special Issue

A chance to see Rags Morales doing a stint with the JLA can never pass under the radar of any DC (or Rags) fan, especially when the art comes with amazing dialogue and background story, a sad and touching tale of how Snapper, the boy whose the JLA adopted as a mascot, was lead to believe super heroes were a threat to normalcy, to the regular people, so driven by fear he allowed Batman´s greatest foe to enter in the JLA´s lives and wreck them from insideout - it´s difficult to point out the best thing about this issue, since it´s a perfect balance between art and writing, but definitely seeing Jonn, Flash and Batman against the Joker, and seeing the flashes of Snapper´s past, all courtesy of Hourman special powers, this were great samples of how great of an artist Rags Morales truly is - but don´t think that Peyer should be less worshiped in this issue, because he brought up all the bottled potential to deliver this amazing tale of Snapper´s past, he changed all the narrative structure of this series, by putting Hourman, instead of Snapper, as the narrator, taking the bridle of the story - this is a perfect self contained story, that should be purchased by all comic book fans, even if you don´t care too much for this character, please go check it out, it´s completely worth it, this is what comics should be about all the times: good enterntaiment, intelligent dialogues, interesting narrative, amazing art, a perfect story from the past, retold by the competent and magnificent hands of Tom Peyer, Rag Morales, Dave Meikis, Andrew Hennessey, John Kalisz and Kurt Hathaway! Highly Recommended!!
5 out 5 (This is 100% guaranteed satisfaction!)

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